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SAP IdM (Identity Management) Features and Functions

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SAP IdM (Identity Management) Features and Functions

Features and Function of SAP Identity Management

  • Offering business driven identity management. Once a central mechanism is inbuilt in your organization by efficiently managing the user with multiple application an organization can enjoy greater benefits.
  • Various audit reports can be generated on the basis of current access and past events. The process exhibits transparency maintaining access rights for a user and administrative permission.
  • Effectively maintain segregation of duties and stop violation of company rules and policies.
  • Cost incurred on service desk can be minimized as tool work on self service principle and assist in password reset or lost password. Even the tool possesses ability to update personal information.
  • Enabling access to users on the basis of roles and giving privileges rather than technical directory structure.
  • The tool is not very costly generating high productivity avoiding security risk and violation of any policies.
  • Helps in maintaining life cycle of a user and provoke any unauthorized access.
  • The tool saves time and resources by enabling users to update their profile once with a simple password to log on.
  • With a unified view of virtual identity of users it integrates and leverage information in terms of identity and access rights across networks.
  • Rule driven workflows and approval process.
  • Improved data consistency and reduce complexity managing heterogeneous environments.

SAP IdM (Identity Management) is driving management form technical level to business level. Enhancing security managing centrally it drives IT administration to business process owners. Offering more personalized services enabling who should have the access with quick reporting in form of audit has offered a immense help to the booming organization sustaining and growing in healthy environment.

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