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How to assign business role to the user?

First of all you have to know about the business role. IF you want to define the user interface of the user with the “SAP CRM” if you want CRM web client to display the CRM functions in the form of using BSP applications we have to use a role that is known as business roles.

SAP has given too many options to have the business roles once you login but the persistence of the two is quite different. You have to remember that while using PFCG assignment to a specific business role you would not be able to control Org Level Security if you wants to have. At last it depends upon on your company need for you to pick the best among them as a top choice. Anyways you do not have to activate the info type 1263 through detail>enhanced object because you are not using org level assignment.

There can be two different ways in which the user can be allocated with the business roles:

  1. You can assign user by using business role assignment to the org unit or position.
  2. You have to assign PCFG roles to the user.

The user can access UI screen with the help of business role. Throughout the business process PFCG roles are generally executed. User can be assigned a multiple business roles, for this user have a selection screen so that he can select with which business role he would like to logon to CRM web UI.

SO by using all these steps you can assign business roles to the user.