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CCMS GRMG Availability Monitoring

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CCMS GRMG Availability Monitoring

Here you will find questions that you may have about GRMG together with references to the GRMG documentation in SAP's Service Marketplace.(, then alias 'monitoring').

  • Where can I find GRMG documentation:

           Two documents, for programming with GRMG and for customizing and operating GRMG, are available at the CCMS page of the SAP Service Marketplace (

           You will find the document 'Customizing and Operating GRMG Monitoring' in the folder 'Monitoring in Detail'.

           You will find the document 'Instrumenting Components for Monitoring with GRMG' in the folder 'Developers Zone'.

           Both documents are appropriate for SAP_BASIS Release 6. 20 (the first GRMG release) and higher.

  • How do I activate GRMG monitoring for a particular component?

           You will need to upload a customizing file in XML format into your central monitoring system.  You can use transaction GRMG to do this.

           In Release 6. 20, you must generally edit and and upload the customizing file by hand, except for CRM ISA and ICSS components that use the XCM (eXtended Configuration Management) tool of CRM.

           As of NetWeaver 04, you can usually activate GRMG monitoring simply by saving one of the templates offered in the Visual Administrator (Server Services, Monitoring Service, GRMG Customizing tab). Substitution variables in the templates automatically complete customizing of the GRMG monitoring URL and GRMG scenario names. You may still need to supply logon data or other data required by the GRMG application in the monitored component. Usually, comments in the template file or the application GRMG documentation will tell you what information needs to be supplied.

  • Where can I find the customizing XML needed to activate a particular GRMG monitoring scenario?  Where can I get instructions for adjusting the customizing file for my site?

           As of NetWeaver'04, GRMG customizing is generally delivered with the monitored software component. You can access and activate the customizing with the Visual Administrator (for J2EE components), as described above.

           Java components running on the SAP J2EE Engine Release 6.20 and stand-alone components have used different methods for delivering GRMG customizing files and templates for GRMG customizing.

           The component may have delivered the template for GRMG customizing with the executables and may have described the customizing file in the software component documentation.

           CRM ISA and CRM ICSS generate GRMG scenarios as described above in the XCM tool.

           CRM and XI components offer templates for GRMG customizing at two download areas in

    • CRM: Goto Customizing files for components running on SAP J2EE Release 6.20 are offered in the 'CRM 4.0 Monitoring Downloads' folder.
    • XI 2.0: Goto Customizing files and information are offered in the 'Download Area' folder.

           Some components deliver customizing templates and information with OSS notes. Relevant notes include the following (please search for your component and GRMG, as this list may not be up to date):

    • 568174 Customisation of CCMS for XI Messaging System
    • 721778 GRMG Customizing file for the Partner Connectivity
    • 634771 GRMG Customizing File for XI CCMS Heartbeat Monitoring
    • 706290 GRMG Configuration for BI UD Connect
    • 747714 HeartBeat of ACC
    • 707122 Problem at monitoring of SAP MI J2EE server component
    • 710896 Configuration and Upload of the MI availability monitor
    • 637124 TREX 6.0: Check of Heart Beat by using GRMG
    • 697949 TREX 6.1: Solution Management / Monitoring TREX
    • 668701 EP 5.0 SP6 Supportability Sammelhinweis
    • 645971 EP 6.0 SP1 Supportability composite SAP Note
    • 699393 EP 6.0 SP2: Activating CCMS GRMG heartbeat monitor
    • 755397 Monitoring WCL 4.1 in CCMS
  • How can I verify that a GRMG monitoring scenario is running properly?

           Start transaction GRMG in your central monitoring system. A green check in the 'Run Status' field means that a scenario is running successfully. The availability of the monitored component is being checked.

           A red X means that there is some problem with running the scenario. It could be that the target server is not running or there may be a configuration problem with the scenario.

           A gray X means that the scenario is not being run and availability is not being checked. Please see the trouble-shooting section in the operations document referenced above.

           An empty run status means that the scenario has not yet been started. Use the 'Start selected scenarios' button to start execution of the scenario.

           Or check the 'CCMS SelfMonitoring' monitor in monitor collection 'SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors'.

  • How can I analyze problems in a GRMG monitoring scenario?

           Please see: Trouble-Shooting GRMG Availability Monitoring, in Setting Up and Operating GRMG Monitoring Scenarios, referenced above.

  • Where can I find GRMG monitoring trees in the CCMS Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20)?

           For landscapes running on SAP J2EE Release 6. 20 and using a SAP_BASIS central monitoring system at Release 6.20:

    • Check for an application-specific monitoring set, such as the 'CRM Monitoring Templates' monitoring collection.
    • You can find all GRMG monitoring trees in monitoring collection 'SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors', monitor 'All Monitoring Contexts'.  All GRMG monitoring trees must appear at the top level of this monitor.

           As of NetWeaver 04 (only required for the central monitoring system, at which GRMG is running), you can find all GRMG contexts in monitoring collection 'SAP CCMS Monitor Templates', monitor 'Availability and Performance Overview'.

  • How can I include a GRMG monitoring tree in an RZ20 monitor of your own?

           The MTE class names of all GRMG scenario contexts (top-level nodes) are formed of the prefix 'GRMG_' and the technical scenario name (XML SCENNAME element, up to 8 characters).

           In Release 6. 20, you need to create a monitoring rule that specifies the MTE class name of the context of GRMG monitoring tree you want to include in your monitor. Please see the 'Customizing and Operating' document referenced above for more help. The CCMS monitoring architecture documentation explains more generally how to define monitors in transaction RZ20.

           If you have a NetWeaver 04 central monitoring system, then you can simply copy and modify the 'Availability and Performance Overview' monitor. A new rule in monitor definitions lets you make 'wild-card' selections of monitor trees for a monitor. You can pick out a specific GRMG monitoring tree by modifying the wild-card specification in the standard monitor.

  • How can I create a GRMG Monitoring Scenario of my own?

           Please see the instrumentation document referenced above.


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