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Changes in SAP HCM

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Changes in SAP HCM

There are two various methods for customers that will help them to implement permissible changes in HCM:

  1. HR Support Packages(HRSP):

These kinds of packages are unconfined each month and that deliver HR customers all around the globe with the modern permissible supplies and alterations. This contains all the updates for the international functions and all the country versions. While accumulating  SAP HR support Package you need not to restart you system. These HR Support packages are well-organized; high-quality updates will enable you to synchronize your system using all the permissible requirements and corrections.

  1. Country Legal Change(CLC) Packages:

These packages will represent a new method of delivering SAP HCM legal changes, they are accessible in addition to HRSPS. CLC packages contain country-specific legal deviations- one CLC Package for each country and if any customer’s wants to choose for implementing the deviations in respective to their country versions, and by this means you will be able reduce the test efforts and all the risks meaningfully. So these packages will be used for the following components .i.e. SAP_HR, EA_HR and HR_CEE

How to synchronize HRP’s:

From the beginning of this year 2013, you will get   synchronization HRSP’s each and every year. You will get the one by May and one you will get in November. You have to implement the both synchronization. For a reliable implementation of CLC Packages you ought to implement the latest synchronization HRSP.

Hope this article will help you to do changes related to SAP HCM.




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