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How to Convert Currency Translation in Reporting

Nitesh Singh || 05 May 2014 3:40 pm || 1

Hi floks,

Can any one provide me how to convert currency translation in reporting when i select dynamic entry of currency in sap bi 7.0.?


  • 05 May 2014 10:13 am Best Answer

    1. Go to t code “rscur”—to create currency conversion type.
    2. There you have to maintain the three parameters 
    i. Exchange rate type 
    ii. Currency type 
    iii. Time reference 
    3. From exchange rate tab : u have an option “ex rate type. Ver” there you have to give the object name with variable attribute 0RTYPE(that should be bulild by u – that is called as “variable built on InfoObject ”)
    4. From currency tab: u have an option” target currency from variable”- there also u should give the same kind of object but here attribute should be “0currency”
    5. From time reference tab : select the option as per your business requirement.
    6. Save it 
    7. Then go to bex query and K.F properties in conversion tab.. U will have an options “currency type “there you should give the name of the “currency translation type “which you have created.
    8. Save it 
    9. Execute