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Delivery Split according to Customer Field ZUKRL

Updated May 18, 2018

In the table with delivery header data LIKP, there is the field ZUKRL. which can be filled with any values by using copying control. The contents of this field act as a splitting criterion during delivery creation.

As of Release 4.0, order items are then also combined in a delivery if the ZUKRL field of one item is filled and the ZUKRL field of another is empty . In releases earlier than Release 4.0, this situation still caused the delivery to be split.

Since Release 4.0, a changed logic has been used during the order combination check. This changed logic allows the combination if a checked field is empty. Some fields only used for controlling purposes are excluded from this.

The changed logic is advantageous in the majority of the cases since unnecessary delivery splits can be avoided. It is therefore not possible to make a general decision as to whether with regard to the field ZUKRL the logic in Release 3.0/3.1 should be valid or whether the new logic should be used for this field.

If your system has problems as a result of the changed split logic, because the split should then also be carried out if field ZUKRL is empty, the following solutions are possible:

Check whether it is possible to fill the field with a dummy value if the field would otherwise be empty. If you want to induce a split anyway, you can fill the field with a UUID, a worldwide temporally and spatially unique key. Implement the following logic to do this in the copying routine for the delivery header (this is program FV50C001 in the standard system):



Function module SYSTEM_UUID_C22_CREATE creates a different 22-character character string for every call.

If logic cannot be changed for field ZUKRL, you can restore the function with the modification described below in releases earlier than Release 4.0. The modification is not included in Hot Packages. Therefore ensure that you have received the entire modification (Transactions SPAM/SPAU) unchanged in your system when you apply a Hot Package.