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Difference between A&D and Standard subcontracting

A&D Subcontracting vs Standard subcontracting

What is the difference between A&D subcontracting (Subcontracting for MRO processes) and standard subcontracting (MM-IM subcontracting solution)?


Listed below are the differences between A&D subcontracting and standard subcontracting:

A&D Subcontracting:

1.the Spec2000/SC tab is filled and the purchasing document item converts into A&D subcontracting relevant,
2.the processes ignores the shared requirement flag from the material master MRP4 view (MARD-SBDKZ),
3.All the component materials must have a similar special stock type,
4.Once the transfer posting has been developed, all the component materials are shifted to the stock segment at subcontractor. This is marked with special stock C, F, I, J or R.
5.The lines with movement type 543 of goods receipt will consume all the component materials from the same stock segment at subcontractor. Refer to note 863154.
6.multi-level subcontracting is not supported.
7.timely consumption is not supported.

Standard Subcontracting:

1.The Spec2000/SC tab is not keyed and filled,
2.The transfer posting is utilized for the component materials which have blank special stock type (SOBKZ=' '),
3.The transfer posting is NOT needed for the component materials which have special stock type E or Q,
4.The note 2588635 is developed for filtering the component materials with special stock type E or Q when posting transfer posting,
5.During the time of goods receipt, the consumption is carried out with movement type 543:

  • from the project stock Q for component materials with special stock Q and
  • from the stock at subcontractor marked with O for component materials with blank special stock.
  • from the sales order stock E for component materials with special stock E and