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Differences between Transactions CO27/COIK and MB26

Transactions CO27/COIK are lists, based on the order information system, whereas Transaction MB26 is reservation-based. However, it is also possible to make an order-based selection in Transaction MB26 using the 'Production order' selection window. In this case, both lists should also issue the same components for identical orders.

In the event of incorrect goods movements in Transaction COGI, picking using Transaction MB26 generates postprocessing records, whereas Transactions CO27 and COIK send an error handling. If the goods movements cannot be corrected, the records are returned unchanged.

Picking using Transaction MB26 can be scheduled as a background job. This is not possible with Transaction CO27/COIK.

In Transactions COIK/COHV, you can use mass processing to store goods movements of the picking as future change records and you can then update them later using a report (for example CORUPROC). There is no function of this type in Transaction MB26.

Transaction OPJ2 can be used to trigger an automatic stock or batch determination for picking with Transaction CO27/COIK. This is not possible for Transaction MB26.