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Display Milliseconds in Web Intelligence Report

Sushma || 12 Jun 2013 5:02 pm || 1

How to display milliseconds in Web Intelligence report? 

We are creating a Web Intelligence Report with a date When we right click on the cell and after Selecting Format Number and Choose Date/Time what we see that Milliseconds are not displayed in Date/Time format.

Kindly share your views here.


  • 25 Jul 2016 5:21 pm Best Answer

    Please do as following:

    • First Create a Web Intelligence Report with a date.
    • Then Right Click on the cell.
    • After that Select Format Number.
    • After Choose Custom in Format Type.
    • Please Insert in Date/Time the format: hh:mm:ss:ss.SSS.
    • Then Click on OK.

    The milliseconds are displayed.