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Doubts FI-AA - Reverse depreciation


I have a problem ... I have two areas of evaluation ... 01 and 05 ... both suffered depreciation until October. But a decision by the
business but will not detract from the area in 2005.

So I need to "reverse" the depreciation of October and then block this area so that she does not suffer further depreciation. .. and from there depreciation to run again in October.

Could you tell if this is possible? And if so, how should I proceed?

I thank the help.


  • 11 Feb 2011 9:55 am rekha
    There is no reversal of depreciation in SAP.

    I would do the following case:

    1) It would create a new kind of movement "Z" (TC AO78) as copying the movement type 600 (Manual depreciation), but the field accounting classification would report the "Movement of debt", to launch the system to do the inverse of the depreciation.

    2) And would release the manual adjustment of the depreciation (ABMA CT) using the above type of motion created;

    Note: There are some details to note:

    For item 2 above, it is necessary first of all check if the keys for depreciation of assets assessment area may receive manual release, if not, you will need to amend it before it receives a key and do not forget to come back with after the original keys. (Very careful in this operation). In this case you would have to have a backup of an ABAP to return after the original keys, or could use the TC OA02 (substitution rule in mass) if the assets possess the same keys.

    And if there are many entries to be made, you can use transaction LSMW to perform the release (CT ABMA) automatically.

    Do it all on the basis of testing before the release ... after doing the ABMA, turn the AFAB in test to see that the postings will be done in GL.

    I hope I have helped and not complicated .. .
  • 11 Feb 2011 9:57 am rekha
    I believe that only by reversing accounting adjustment in the accounts that were subjected to counting.
  • 11 Feb 2011 9:59 am rekha
    Not that depreciation reverses.
    In general when you want to correct values, the next round of the program fixes the value of depreciation.
    Not sure how this would be the best way to fix the values in your case, try checking if it is possible to define something in the periods and expired useful life, but I have no certesa.
  • 11 Feb 2011 10:00 am rekha
    There are some steps ...... ...
    1 - vc duty [to go on asset by asset, and set a new period for each asset. This period starts on 01/10/2008 and the new key would be a depreciation without any criterion, here we have a 0000 call
    2 - after doing this, run again in October for depreciation, so the system would automatically reverse the values for the area in 2005.