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Enable change log on PD database table

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Enable change log on PD database table

How to enable change log on PD database table?


Please follow the steps below in order to enable change log on PD database table:

1) First turn on the function 'Log data changes' for the table by using one of the following method given below:

Method 1)

Set the 'Log data changes' from T-code SE11

  • Please run the t-code SE11
  • Input the name (for example, HCHRAP) into the field 'Database table' and press the button 'Change'.
  • Now press the buttom 'Technical Settings'

  • Now select and save the checkbox 'Log data changes'.

Method 2)

Set 'Log data changes' from t-code SE13.

  • Please runt the t-code SE13.
  • Now input the table name (for example, HCHRAP) into 'Table/view name' field and press then the button 'Change'.

  • Now select and save 'Log data changes'.

2) Now please set the parameter rec/client in the system profile in order to restrict the clients on which log is expected with the help of SAP Document 2437986.

Note: Please keep in mind the if rec/client is set to ALL when setting the system profile rec/client, there may be a negative impact on system performance.

3) Now, at last, please run the transaction code SCU3 or report RSVTPROT in order to evaluate the logs.