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Error VT510 Select a document field for XXXX occurs

Hello SAP Experts,

Standard fields such as LLAND, VEN_CLASS etc available in KOMK/KOMP and KOMG are not shown in the Field catalog of Access sequence when creating an access sequence.

This issue can be re-generated by following:

  • First, navigate to OBQ2 and create an access sequence for GST.
  • Now please enter the created condition table for example 794/799.
  • Atlast, click on save


  • 15 May 2017 5:43 pm Best Answer

    In order to resolve this issue please do the following:

    • First please include fields in the field catalog according to the steps mentioned in SAP document 2410053.
    • Please include the missing fields in the below view such as VEN_CLASS, WKREG, REGIO, TAXIM, LLAND etc in order include them in the field catalog-

                                            Transaction SM30:
                                               View: V_T681F
                                               Usage: A
                                               Application: TX
                                               Add the field *

    • Also, make sure that code logic given in Doc 608238 for Function module EXIT_SAPLMEKO_001 is available.