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EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Interview Questions


Q-1) In case the system ID of my production system is unknown then how can I add a system later?

In case you want to add another system (test or production), the you will be required to create a new data set in your development system. The user needs to select the 'Maintain the system landscape' in step 'Use Cases' in the Implementation Tool for System Connection. The system will then propose the data for the current client. You are not required to change those data. You can then add a system connection for the new system. You may also add all other systems which have already been maintained, incase you wish to, but it is not a mandate.

You can start the system tool for warehouse connection again and subsequently create a new data set which contains one more logical system. You will be required to select 'Implement your own warehouse' in step 'Use case', in case you have already changed the settings for the standard warehouse.

Q-2) Why do I require more than one transport request sometimes?

When your client has been set up in such a manner for recording customizing changes, then you require a customizing request for the data set itself and for the customizing that, during activation, the implementation tool creates. You will be required to enter the transport request for the data set in the first screen of the guided activity. The system prompts you to enter the transport request for the customizing it then it generates before the activation. The same transport request can be utilized.

You would need to enter a workbench request for these settings on the activation screen, once the implementation tool creates cross-client settings.

Q-3) Do I have to assign the business characteristic INV to the SCU of the plant I want to use and then assign it to EWM?

In case you plan to assign multiple plants to an EWM warehouse number, the following alternatives are available for you:

The can utilize the SCU of a plant as the central SCU for the warehouse number. In this case, the user can proceed as described in the integration guide.

The user can create an SCU for the warehouse number manually in EWM. For doing so, in the application menu, select the extended Warehouse Management > Master Data >
Maintain Supply Chain Unit (transaction /SCMB/SCUMAIN). User enters a location type (for instance, 1008 warehouse) and choose 'Create'. Enters a description along with the address data. On the 'Business Characteristics' tab, create an entry with the characteristic 'INV'. Save the SCU.

Note: that you must always create the SCU hierarchy for this SCU. The user assigns the warehouse number to this SCU in a subsequent step of the integration guide.

Q-4) Why does the system does not always display the delivery, when displaying the confirmation?

The delivery numbers in transaction CO14 in the overview of the goods movements can be displayed. However, this is only possible only if the EWM system has not posted any goods movements for these deliveries yet. In case you want to display additional information for the deliveries, the it suggested that you use transaction VL06 (Delivery Monitor).

Q-5) The system issues error message /SPE/MAN 022 ("Postreading of BOM is not permitted; PRM exists for order &1"), when I try to postread the master data? How can I still continue to postread the master data inspite of all this ?

Generally, this behavior is appropriate and is not an error.

The user can use transaction SM30 to set message /SPE/MAN 022 as a warning in the table T160M. IMPORTANT: This should only be done if you can ensure that the connected EWM is informed that the existing PMR is not valid. This update is performed automatically by the system.

For instance, the system could release the order immediately after post reading the master data and subsequently trigger the WM staging. In this aspect, the EWM receives all the present information related to this order.

Q-6) How can I verify the document/item types?

As per Release 5.1, SAP Customizing lists a report for verifying the consistency of the document/item types from a technical and a business view. This report is made available under "Extended Warehouse Management -> Cross-Process Settings -> Delivery Processing -> Check of Customizing for Delivery Processing

Q-7) What all should be kept in mind, when working with serial numbers?

If you are using products with serial number requirement, then the quantity role SN (number of serial numbers) are required to be active. Else the errors may take place when you are adjusting the delivery quantity. You can also utilize an Item type which is ideal for products with serial number requirement meant for all products.

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