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What is The Function of User Exits in Upgradation?

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What is The Function of User Exits in Upgradation?

Hello SAP Experts,

I want to share a problem with you guys so that I can work as per the solution. And my problem is that if we have some userexits in current project and if we go for upgradation that what will happen to user exits?

Do anyone from you guys aware about it? If yes then please try to solve my query?

Thanks in Advance!


  • 24 Aug 2015 5:37 pm

    User exits does not support the upgradation. After upgrade activities (Basis), we run the Transaction SPDD/SPAU, while we understand SPDD/SPAU provides the details of SAP Standard objects that have been modified by the client, we found some of our user exits become inactive after the upgrade and these deactivating are not indicated in the SPDD/SPAU.... we use Transaction CMOD to check each user exits to see if any of them get deactivated and then activate them if found. We would like to know:

    If it’s a normal situation that some of the user exits get deactivate by the upgrade and they are not identified in SPDD/SPAU? If it’s a normal procedure to check and test all the user exits after upgrade.
    Besides check all the user exits by CMOD one by one, what is the best way to identify which user exits affected by the upgrade so we can be more efficient in finding the targets to test or fix.

  • 25 Aug 2015 11:36 am

    The place where you enhanced or where you wrote the code in user-exit if you upgrade it a new same include will be created with same name of include. I think this may be the answer.

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