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What is The Future Scope of SAP Fiori And SSM?

Rohit Mahajan || 12 Feb 2015 5:50 pm || 1

Hi SAP Experts,

I am working on SAP Fiori for Hana and now came across to SSM(Strategy Management Solution ). I am very much aware that SAP is devoting its efforts to Fiori and it contain the KPIs and now merges SSM’s capabilities. So, my query is that will SAP replace the SAP Fiori with SSM or doing it just for some more facilities to add in Fiori?

If any of you guy aware about the related info then share it with me too.

Thank You!!


  • 12 Feb 2015 6:01 pm Helpful Answer

    Hi Dear,

    Here is nothing like that you’re supposing to happen but SAP is going to add strategy management additional as core element in conjunction of EP Suite. I think you know that SAP Fiori is an application based on KPI management abilities. So, no need to worry and keep going with the new and additional features of SAP Fiori.