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Gruha Sikshak Online Trainings

Gruha Sikshak Online Trainings, Hyderabad

Chanda Nagar Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh India(IN)

: +91 986 631 4608
: Institute

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Gruha Sikshak., Hyderabad  has been servicing global clients since 2015. We are a focused company providing Online Learning platform development, design, marketing etc., services. We use several open source technologies to build training platform for corporates, educational institutes, freshers, freelancers, enterprenuers etc.,

A Good Training gives the Practical Knowledge to prevail in your preferred calling. Get prepared on the most mainstream courses of UI Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing from our best Trainers and propel your career. 

Gruha Sikshak gives Online Training to different necessities in IT industry. It has been begun by a gathering of exceptionally gifted and expertised personnel/coaches in their individual courses with a goal of giving Online Support to Students and Employees World Wide.

All our Trainings are via Online Mode (GotoMeeting, Zoom).
Live Class Recordings of Each Session.
Assignment Worksheets for Practice.
Trainings designed for 4 to 5 weeks depending upon the course.
Flexible timings for working people : Mornings, Evenings.
Real time Project Study and Hands on Practice.
A Complete Knowledge Transfer on Implementation Methodology.
Certificate from Gruha Sikshak.


Course Details


Gruha Sikshak is a leader in providing Online Training Services for various requirements of Web Development Technologies (Php, Mysql, Joomla, WordPress) in IT industry.

PHP Course Contents :-

Basics : Introduction, Environment Setup, Syntax Overview, Variable Types, Constants, Operator Types, Decision Making, Loop Types, Arrays, Strings, Web Concepts, GET & POST, File Inclusion, Files I/O, Functions, Cookies, Sessions, Sending Mails, File Uploading, Coding Standard.
Advanced : Predefined Variables, Regular Expression, Error Handling, Bugs Debugging, Date & Time, PHP & MYSQL, PHP & AJAX, Object Oriented.
Form Examples : Form Introduction, Validation Example, Complete Form, Registration Form Example, Login Example, Mysql Login.
AJAX Examples : AJAX Search, AJAX XML Parser, AJAX Auto Complete Search, AJAX RSS Feed Example.
Built-In Functions : Built-In Functions & Examples.
API Integrations : SMS Gateway API, Payment Gateway API.

Benefits :-

* Course Materials Softcopies Sharing.

* Daily Session Recordings & Sharing.

* Assignment Providing & Assessment.

*Note :- Price may vary based on requirement and can be negotiable.

Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details


Gruha Sikshak is a leader in providing Online Training Services for various requirements of UI Technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Java Script, Ajax, JQuery, AngularJS) in IT industry.

UI / UX / Web Design Course Contents :-

HTML:- Basics : Overview, Basic Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Phrase Tags, Meta Tags, Comments
Examples / Demos : Text Examples, Headings Examples, Links Examples, Images Examples, Lists Examples, Tables Examples, Forms Examples, HTML Stylesheet, HTML Javascript, HTML4 vs HTML5, List of Elements & Examples, List of Attributes & Examples, Custom Attributes, List of Events & Examples, Web Forms Examples, Web Forms2.0

CSS:- Basics : Overview, Implementation of CSS in HTML :- Inline, Embedded and External
List of CSS3 Properties : Background, Border, Color, Dimension, Flexible, Font, MultiColumn, Table, Text.

Bootstrap:- Basics : Overview, Environment Setup
Bootstrap with CSS : Grid System, CSS Overview, Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Helper Classes, Responsive Utilities.
Boostrap Demos : Grid Demo, Table Demo, Form Demo, Buttons Demo, Images Demo, Responsive Demo, Navigation Demo, Social Icons Demo.

Javascript:- Basics : Introduction, Syntax, Enabling, Placement, Variables, Operators, If...Else, Switch Case, While Loop, For...In, Loop Control, Functions, Events, Cookies, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing
Objects : Objects, Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Date, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM.
Advanced : Error Handling, Validations, Animation, Multimedia, Debugging, Image Map, Browsers.

AJAX:- Basics : What is AJAX, Technologies, Examples, Browser Support, Action, XMLHttpRequest, Database Operations, Security, Issues.

JQuery:- Basics : Introduction, Basics, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, DOM, Events, AJAX, Effects.
JQuery UI : Interactions, Widgets, Theming.

AngularJS:-  Basics : Overview, Environment Setup.
Advanced : MVC Architecture, First Application, Directives, Expressions, Controllers, Filters, Tables, HTML DOM, Modules, Forms, Includes, AJAX, Views, Scopes, Services, Dependency Injection, Custom Directives, Internalization.

Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No


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