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How to exclude storage location from MRP?


We have been executing MRP on weekly basis by following process.

Enter plan - MD61, Execution of MRP - MD01. We have also excluded storage location by OMIR by defining storage location as TT51 & Put the MRP ind. as.         1 - storage location stock excluded for MRP.

When i exeucted MRP by MD01 system is not considering storage location as TT51.

My shop floor stock is at TT51. I have updated production storage location as TT51 in material master.

But at the time of doing confirmation i.e. MFBF system is giving error i.e. system is not picking/ consuming material from TT51 storage location.

Why system is not consuming material from TT51 storage location.





  • 21 Oct 2010 9:48 pm Guest Helpful Answer
    Not sure anyone helped you. you probably have determined how. You can set the SLoc in config to be excluded from MRP or in the Material master MRP4 view you can also excluded material by material from the MRP.

    Hope this helps