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IBMITSOLUTIONS.COM IS A Online Training Institute for all Software Courses

IBMITSOLUTIONS.COM IS A Online Training Institute for all Software Courses, Hyderabad

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INFO provides the best Software’s training for various
Computer IT courses through Webex, Gotomeeting. Learners can grasp the
technology-subject from our highly experienced & certified trainers
which will be helping the students to work in real time projects.
Learners can choose either regular course or fast track classes or
weekend Training classes. It’s proud to be we are one of the top
leading online training provider from India. We are into this field
with passion and dedication we are in to online trainings from many
years. Our team of well experienced trainers with vast real time IT
experience in online trainings is dedicated towards providing quality
training. ibmitsolutions has taken great steps in providing best
quality Online Classes. We provide the training classes in INDIA,USA,
Provide Job support & Interview Support.

The courses offered by us are :

1.SAP ALL MODULES(sap fico,sap bibw ,sap bo ,sap hr ,sap abap,sap  hana , sap apo ,sap mm,sap bpc,sap sd,sap crm

2.PEOPLESOFT ALL MODULES( peoplesoft hrms technical ,peoplesoft hrms fuctional, peoplesoft financr (fscm)

3.DWH TOOLS ALL TOOLS ( abinitio ,msbi. informatica, cognos tm1 ,cognos bi, obiee)

5.ORACLE ( oracle dba , oracle apps technical ,oracle apps fuctonal)


7.TESTING TOLLS ( manuval testing , automation testing, load runner ,qtp, qa)



10. salesforce (sfdc)


12. hadoop online training




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Course Details


SAP BW/BI Course Content

SAP Introduction-2 Hours

1. History of SAP

2. Evolution of ERP

3. ERP Packages

4. SAP R/3 System – ERP Backbone

5. SAP R/3 Modules – SD, MM, FI

6. Types of other ERP Packages in Market

7. Advantages of SAP ERP Compared to other ERP Packages

8. SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting

9. Limitations of SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting.

SAP Case Study

SAP Data warehousing-2 Hours

1. Introduction to Data warehousing

2. Father of Data warehouse

3. Definition of Data Warehousing

4. Key functions of Data Warehousing

5. Applications & Types of SAP

6. Types of Applications (OLTP& OLAP)


8. Types of Data in SAP

9. Entity Relationship Modelling &Multi-Dimensional Modelling

10. Star Schema and Extended Star Schema

SAP BW/BI Introduction:-2 Hours

11. Introduction to SAP BW/BI

12. History of SAP BW/BI

13. Necessity of SAP BW/BI

SAP BW/BI Architecture: 1 Hour

1. Source System & Target System

2. Source system connections

3. Data Modelling, Extraction & Loading

4. Data Reporting

SAP BW Data Modelling: 12 Hours

1. Data Warehousing Workbench

2. Info Objects & Types of Info Objects

3. Info Area

4. Info Object Catalos

5. Application Component

6. Activation of Business Content

7. Master data & Transaction data8. Data Source, Info Source

9. Data transfer methods for SAP Systems (PSA and IDOC)

10. Info cube


12. Info Set

13. Info Provider

14. Multi Provider

15. Transformation

16. Routines

17. DTP

18. Info Package

19. Open Hub Destination

20. Transfer Rules

21. Update Rules

22. Authorisations

23. Roles

SAP BW Data Extraction: 5 Hours

1. Application Specific Extractors (BW Content Extractors & Customer Generated Extractors)

2. Cross Application Specific Extractors (Generic Extractors)

3. LIS Extraction

4. LO Extraction

5. COPA Extraction

6. Data Extraction using other tools

7. BW Data Source Enhancement

SAP BW Data Loading & Scheduling – 3 Hours

1. Introduction to Process Chains

2. Process Chains in SAP BW/BI

3. Types of Views in Process Chains

4. Process Chain Creation

5. Process Chain Monitoring

6. Return Codes & Errors in Process Chain

BW Data Reporting – 5 Hours

1. Bex Query Designer

2. Bex Analyzer

3. Bex WAD

4. Restricted & Calculated Key figure

5. Filters

6. Rows & Columns

7. Free & Filter Characteristics

8. Types of Variables

9. Conditions & Exceptions

SAP BW Miscellaneous Topics: 2 Hours

1. SAP BW Reports through Enterprise Portal

2. SAP BW/BI – BO Integration

3. SAP BW/BI with HANA

4. SAP BW/BI with BPC

5. SAP BW/BI with Legacy systems

6. SAP BW/BI Batch Job Monitoring Tools7. SAP BW/BI Issues Ticketing Tool

8. Importance of SAP ABAP/4 & Basis in BW/BI

SAP BW Real Time/Project Scenarios- 1.5 Hours

1. Production Support Issues

2. Implementation Project Issues

3. Migration/Up gradation Project Issues

4. Tickets Handling

5. Batch Jobs Monitoring

10. Ticketing Tool Tracker.

SAP BW Clients & Projects Discussions: 1 Hour

1. Importance of SAP BW Projects in Market

2. Type of Domain Industries & Clients using SAP BW/BI

SAP BW Data Transportation: 2 Hours

1. System Landscape

2. Transportation Landscape

3. Overview of Transports

4. Objects Collection in Transports

5. Sequence of Transports Migration

6. Transports Collection & Setting

7. Transport Issues

SAP BW Performance Tuning Techniques -2 Hours

1. Aggregates

2. Partitioning

3. Compressions

4. PSA Table Deletions

5. BI Accelerators

SAP Interview Perspective Discussions – 30 Mins







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website      :


Phone no.  :  Usa:+1-845-915-8712

                      India :  +91-9642373173 ,+91-9505533825


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Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details




SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.1 Training Program Road Map






Fundamental Concepts:

  • Definitions of Data warehouse
  • History of Data warehouse
  • Characteristics of Data warehouse
  • Data Marts
  • Tables (Dimensions and Fact Tables)
  • Star Schema, Snowflake Schema/Extended Schema and Multiple Star Schema

    Database Concepts:

  • Introduction to databases
  • Importance of Database
  • DDL, DML, DQL, DCL and TCL
  • Structuring of tables and Data Types
  • Numeric Functions, Character Functions, Date Functions, Aggregate Functions
  • Set Operators
  • Joins and Types of Joins and their importance (PK, FK)
  • Group by, Having, Where conditions

    Life Cycle Management

  • Functional Specifications (FDD)
  • Business Requirement (BRD)
  • Project Plan
  • Technical Design Document (TDD)
  • Development execution
  • Unit Test case preparation
  • Deployment Check list

    Pre requisites of BO

  • Non SAP applications as backend
  • ODBC Connection (32 & 64 bit Operating System)
  • Knowledge on SAP BW BI (Cubes, BEX queries)
  • Knowledge on HANA

    BO Universes

    Universe Designer  Tool - UDT

    Information Designer Tool - IDT

    Personal Connection

    Local Connection (.CNX)

    Shared Connection

    Secured Connection (.CNS)

    Secured Connection

    Data Foundation (.DFX) – Connection, Context and Alias, Parameters and LOV’s

    Linked universes

    Business Layer (.BLX) – Classes & objects, Queries,

    Parameters and LOV’s and Navigation paths

  • Universe parameters, Types of Business Objects Joins and their importance (Shortcut join, Theta Join  etc.,)
  • Creation of Objects and types of Objects (Dimension, Measure and Detail)
  • Creation of Conditions
  • Trap issues (Chasm and Fan)
  • Derived Tables
  • Usage of @functions - @ Prompts, @Where, @Select, @Aggregate Awareness
  • Types of Hierarchies and usage in Drilling functionalities
  • Managing Security from Universe - Row and Object Level Security
  • Hiding and un hiding Objects
  • Check Integrity of Data Foundation and Business layer
  • Single data sources and Multiple data sources
  • Performance Tuning methods

    Business Intelligence Reports BOBI 4.1

    Adhoc Reports

    Canned Reports

  • Web Intelligence

    Crystal Reports

    Xcelsius Dashboards



    Live Office -Plug in tool


    Adhoc Reports

    Web Intelligence Report

    Introduction of web reporting

    Charts, types of charts and various usage

    Info Providers/Data Providers (Universe, Personal data Files )

    Working with special Functions

    Creation of reporting

    Converting Horizontal, Vertical, Cross Tabs into Charts

    Generating query's

    Drilling Functionalities - Drill up, Drill Down, Drill by

    Viewing and Modifying a report

    Purging of objects

    Query Filters & various operators

    Export Options (PDF, excel, CSV etc.,)

    Query Prompts

    Document Properties/Formatting

    Sections/ Breaks

    Input Controls


    Report Level Variables

    Difference between Section & Break

    Hyper Linking Functionalities


    Usage of Web Intelligence Rich Client Application


    Scheduling of Webi Report


    Folding and Unfolding of Reports

    Merged Dimensions


    Combined Queries  (Union, Intersection and Minus)



    Canned Reports

    Crystal Reports

    Introduction to CR

    Field Explorer

    Use of CR and its features

    Repository Explorer & Database Expert

    Difference between BO and CR

    Report Templates

    Standard Reports

    Inbuilt Functionalities

    Blank Report

    SAP Platform interaction - BEX, Cubes, Info sets etc.,

    Cross Tab Report

    RDBMS Databases interaction

    Creation of New CR

    MS Access interaction

    Different Data source Connections


    ** Maintenance and  scheduling of Crystal Reports via BI Launch Pad application

    Creation of CR with Universe

    Creation of CR without Universe

    Creation of Groups and Calculations

    Working with Sub Reports




    Dashboard Design (Static & Dynamic)

    Introduction to Dashboards

    Data Manager Connections

    Types of Dashboards

    Data Layer

    Data Sources (or) Info Providers

    Canvas layer

    Generation of dashboards

    Components Layer

    Working with Data By Range, By Series

    Properties Layer

    Working with Dual Axis dashboard

    Objects Browser

    Working with Calendar & Bar Chart dashboard

    Live Office (Universe, Web Intelligence, Crystal Report)

    Working with Filter and multiple Charts dashboard

    QAAWS Connectivity

    Data Import and Exports

    Query Builder

    Web Based Applications of SAP BO:

  • BI Launch Pad
  • Generation of Webintelligence reports
  • Scheduling of Webi and Crystal reports
  • Sending of Webi and Crystal reports
  • Storage of Local documents (Organize and maintain documents)
  • Folder structuring based on Line of Business

    Performance Tuning Methods of SAP BO

  • Tuning at Universe Level
  • Tuning at Report Level
  • Tuning at Database Level
  • Query Optimization Methods

    Error Handling Methods

  • How to handle errors across the environments in Real Time scenarios.
  • Trouble shooting tips and tricks

    Project Explanation in terms of Real Time scenarios

  • Project Overview (Life Cycle)
  • Project Domain Explanation
  • Designing the workflow
  • Project Templates
  • Report Requirement Templates

    Assistance in Resume preparation

  • Resume preparation tips and tricks
  • BO Architecture

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details




    SAP SD Basic overview

    · Overview of Business Functional modules

    In SAP

    · Sales and Distribution Process cycles with WM

    · Roles and responsibilities of SAP consultant

    · Customization in sales & distribution module

    Enterprise structure with a business case

    Definition and Assignment of Organizational Entities

    · a. Financial Accounting

    · b. Sales & Distribution

    · d. Materials Management

    · e. Logistics Execution

    · Consistency Check for S&D module

    Master Data

    S&D Customer Master Data

    · Customer Account Groups and customer no. Ranges

    · Master data for Mktg.

    · Sales-customer groups

    · Shipping-shipping schedules etc.

    · Partner Determination for Customer Master

    · Partner Functions

    · Partner Determination Procedure

    · Partner Function – Account group Assignment

    · Creating a customer master – Centrally and Sales

    · Understanding multiple customer network scenario

    · MM-Material Master

    · Understanding various Material Types

    · Basic Settings for Material Management

    · Material Groups

    · MRP groups, MRP controller and MRP types

    · Inventory Management

    · Material Master with Warehouse Mgmt.

    Inventory Management

    · Stock Posting for Materials

    · Stock Report

    Sales Document Management

    · Sales Document Header

    · Sales document types and header level controls in sales document

    · Header data in sales document

    · Order reasons and no. Ranges

    · Sales Document Item

    · Item categories, Item level controls in

    Sales documents

    · Item data in sales documents

    · Define Item category groups

    · Assigning Item categories

    · Schedule line category for sales document s

    · Schedule categories and assignment

    · Business Process for Sales & Distribution

    · Inquiry, Quotation and Sales Order Processing

    Copy controls for Sales Documents

    · Header Level

    · Item Level

    · Schedule Line level

    Shipping process in S&D

    · Basic Shipping Functions

    · Shipping point Determination process

    · Delivery and Transportation Scheduling

    · Delivery Document

    · Maintain Delivery Types, header level controls in Delivery documents

    · Maintain Delivery Item, Item level controls in Delivery documents

    · Copy controls in Delivery Documents

    Initial Goods Receipt through Warehouse management

    · Maintain Storage bins

    · WM process of Stock Receipt

    · Stock Report at Storage Bin Level

    Picking Process in Delivery Level

    · Picking with Warehouse Management

    Post Goods Issue process in Delivery level

    · Maintains FI/MM settings for Post Goods Issue

    · Analysis on the effects of Post Goods Issue

    Billing Process in S&D

    · Maintaining Billing Types and it controls

    · Revenue Account Determination (SD&FI integration)

    · Master data for Account Assignment

    · Revenue account determination


    · Account keys and pricing procedure


    · Assigning G/L accounts

    Cross Selling Determination Process

    · Maintain Field Catalog

    · Maintain Access Sequences

    · Define Condition Types

    · Maintain Procedure

    · Create condition tables

    · Define customer procedure for cross selling

    · Define document procedure for cross selling

    · Assign document procedure for cross selling to sales document types

    Pricing Concepts in Sales

    · Pricing controls in Sales

    · Concept of Condition Technique

    · Process of Condition Tables, access sequences and condition types

    · Process of Pricing Procedure Determination

    · Maintaining Condition records for price, Discounts etc.

    · Condition Exclusion

    · Pricing for Free Goods

    · Exclusive Free Goods

    · Inclusive Free Goods

    · Pricing analysis in Sales Documents

    Availability Check & Transfer of Requirements

    · Transfer of Requirements

    · Requirement classes

    · Requirement types & Determination of Requirement types

    · Availability Check with ATP

    · Checking groups and Material Block

    · Setting up Checking Rule for Availability

    · Procedure for Schedule line Category

    Procedure for Schedule line Category

    · Cash sales process

    · Rush Order Process

    · Handling complaints in Sales

    · Credit memo

    · Debit memo

    · Free of Charge Deliveries

    Credit Management process

    · Types of Credit Controls

    · Maintain Risk Categories

    · Credit Representative Groups

    · Simple credit check

    · Automatic credit check

    · Maintain credit master data for Customers

    · Release of credit block documents

    Material Listing and Exclusion using condition technique

    · Process of Customer Material Info Record

    · Process of Material Determination

    · Procedure of Product Proposal

    Consignment Stock Processing

    · Consignment Fill up

    · Consignment Issue

    · Consignment Pickup

    · Consignment Returns

    Output Determination Process

    · Condition Technique in Output Determination

    · Output in Sales, Delivery and Billing documents

    · Schedule Line level

    Incomplete Procedures for Sales

    · Incompletion procedure for sales Header, item and schedule line

    · Assigning Incompletion Procedure

    Bill of Material process

    Scheduling Agreements and Contracts Process

    Bill of Material process

    · Maintaining Stages of Routes

    · Transportation connection points

    · Set up Route Determination

    Overview on Variant configuration









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    Phone no.  :  Usa:+1-845-915-8712

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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP MM Course Contents

    Section 1: Overview



    SAP Services

    Co-operative Business



    System-wide Concepts

    Enterprise Structure

    Processes in Procurement

    Section 2: Processes in Procurement

    Basics of Procurement Process

    Master Data

    Procurement of Stock Material

    Procurement of Consumable Material

    Procurement of External Services

    Reporting in MM

    Section 3: Materials Planning


    Planning Run

    Lot-Size Calculation

    Reorder Point Planning and Planning Evaluation

    Section 4: Purchasing Details & Optimization

    Introduction to Purchasing Details

    Outline Agreements

    Source Determination

    Optimized Purchasing

    Section 5: Inventory Management / Physical Inventory

    Purchasing Details & Optimization

    Inventory Management: Overview

    Goods Receipts

    Reservations and Goods Issues

    Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings



    Physical Inventory Management

    Cycle Counting

    Inventory Sampling

    Section 6: Valuation & Account Determination

    Introduction to Material Valuation

    Valuation and Account Assignment

    Material Price Changes

    Special Inventory Management Features

    Section 7: Invoice Verification

    Introduction to Invoice Verification Basic

    Invoice Verification Procedure

    Taxes, Cash Discounts, and Foreign Currency

    Variances and Blocking Reasons

    Invoice Reduction

    Variances without Reference to an Item Invoices

    for POs with Account Assignment Delivery Costs

    Subsequent Debits/Credits

    Credit Memos and Reversals

    Invoice Verification in the Background

    ERS and Invoicing Plans

    Releasing Blocked Invoices

    GR/IR Account Maintenance

    Conventional Invoice Verification

    Customizing for Invoice Verification


    Section 8: Classification & Related Areas in MM Classification

    Document Release (Approval) Procedure

    Batch Management overview

    Section 9: ASAP

    ASAP Overview Implementation Roadmap

    Section 10: Cross-Functional Customizing

    Global Settings

    MM Organizational Levels: Business Scenario

    Master Data in Materials Management



    Inventory Management


    Mock Interview


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details




    Introduction to SAP BPC

    • Overview of EPM framework and


    • Introduction to SAP BPC

    SAP BPC Technical Architecture

    • High level product overview

    • BPC Technical Architecture

    • Specific aspects of integration between

    SAP BPC and SAP BW

    SAP BPC Administration

    • Managing Environments

    • Managing Dimensions

    • Managing Dimensions exercises

    • Managing Models

    • Users/Data Access Profiles

    • Defining Secured Dimensions

    • Security Example

    • Security exercises

    • Member Access Profile Conflicts

    SAP BPC Reporting

    • Web Reports and Input Schedules

    • Create a Web Report exercise

    • Create a Web Input Form exercise

    • EPM Add-in Introduction

    • Reporting and Report Editor

    • Create a Report exercise

    • Input Schedules

    • Input schedules exercise

    • Comments

    • Comments exercise

    • Formatting

    • Formatting exercise

    SAP BPC Data Manager

    • File Service

    • Data Manager Overview

    • BPC Process Chains and Packages

    • Standard Packages

    • Transformation and Conversion Files


    Application Walkthrough

    • Financial Reporting package

    • Journals

    • Consolidation Engine







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    website      :

    Phone no.  :  Usa:+1-845-915-8712

                          India :  +91-9642373173 ,+91-9505533825


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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP Overview

    ·         my SAP Business Suite

    ·         Navigation (system handling)

    ·         PP Overview

    Supply Chain Manufacturing Overview

    ·         Order-Controlled Production with Production Orders

    ·         Order-Controlled Production with Process Orders

    ·         Repetitive Manufacturing

    ·         KANBAN – Definition

    Planning Overview (SAP R/3)

    ·         Master Data and Transaction Data

    ·         Planning using Flexible Planning, SOP

    ·         Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    ·         Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

    ·         Capacity Evaluations

    Master Data: Engineering/Design & Work Scheduling

    ·         Overview: Engineering/Design

    ·         Material Master

    ·         Bills of Material

    ·         BOM Reporting Functions

    ·         Overview: Work Scheduling

    ·         Work Center

    ·         Engineering Workbench

    ·         Routings - Part II

    ·         Scheduling

    Production Orders (Discrete)

    ·         Order Creation/Order Changing

    ·         Integration for Planning

    ·         Order Release

    ·         Printing Order Documents

    ·         Material Staging

    ·         Order Control

    ·         Confirmations

    ·         Goods Receipt

    ·         Settlement

    ·         Information Systems

    ·         Collective Orders

    Batch Management

    ·         Batch Creation

    ·         Automatic

    ·         At Order creation

    ·         Goods Movement

    ·         Manual

    ·         Automatic batch determination

    ·         Repetitive Manufacturing

    ·         Master Data

    ·         Planning (line loading)

    ·         Material Staging

    ·         Back flush and Receipts

    ·         Evaluations

    Capacity Planning

    ·         Capacity Leveling (tabular, graphic, available capacity)

    ·         Capacity Evaluations

    Solution Manager (ASAP road map)

    ·         PP-PI overview

    ·         Resources

    ·         Production version

    ·         Master recipes

    ·         Production campaign

    ·         Process Management

    Integration MM/SD/FICO

    ·         Technical Knowledge

    ·         Reports, IDOC, Tables

    Experiences from Implementations (Case Study or Project)

    ·         Setting Up Company Structures (organizational units in my SAP Business Suite)

    ·         Integration and Dependencies    

    Important configuration

    ·         MRP plant parameters

    ·         Scheduling parameters

    ·         Order type dependant parameters

    ·         MRP types

    ·         Strategies and

    ·         All PP related customization

    Planning Strategies

    ·         Make to Order

    ·         Make to stock


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP APO Training Modules

  • Demand Planning - DP
  • Supply Network Planning  - SNP
  • Core Interface  - CIF

    Demand Planning

    1)    Model& Version

    2)    Storage Bucket Profile (Maintain Periodicity)

    3)    Planning Buckets (Maintain Time bucket profile DP/ SNP)

    4)    Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS) S&DP Administration

    5)    Planning Area

    6)    Planning Books, Data Views& Selection Id’s

    7)    Master Forecast Profile- Maintain Forecast Profiles

    8)    Interactive Planning Table

    9)    Macro’s

    10)  Back ground Job settings - Activities, Job & Schedule

    11)  Alerts Management

    12)  Release / Transfer the forecast.

    13) Calculate Proportional Factors

    14) Lifecycle Planning

    15)  Data Loading, Copy/Version Management& Realignment

    16) Job Monitoring, Process Chain Monitoring

    17) LiveCache Monitoring

    18) Maintain Planning Calendar (Time Stream), Maintain Period Split Profile, Maintain Distribution Function

    18) Product& Location Split.






    Supply Network Planning

  • General Settings:
  • Model& Version
  •  Profiles
  • Calendar
  •  CTM Sort Profile
  •  Demand Profile
  •  SNP Profile
  • Deployment Profile
  •  Lot size Profile
  •  All Planners
  •  TLB Profile
  •  SNP Optimizer Profile
  •  SNP Cost Profile
  •  Rounding Profile

  • Master Data Set Up:
  • Locations (Plant, Vendor, DC& Customer)
  •  Products (Finished & Components….Specific to Location)
  •  Resource
  •  PPM/PDS,
  • Transportation Lanes

  • Administrative Data:

  • MPOS
  •  Storage Bucket
  •  Planning Area
  •  Planning Buckets
  •  Planning Books
  •  Data Views& Selection Id’s

  • Planning Engines& Process:
  • Heuristic
  •  Deployment
  •  Transport Load Builder
  • Optimizer
  • CTM


  • Core Interface  - CIF

    CIF Overview

  • A story about CIF

    Architeccture of Integration

  • System Infrastructure, Define Logical Sytems& Assing Clients, Define RFC Destinations, Business System Group, Specify Release, Establish Traget System& Setup User Parameters.

    Transfer of Master Data

  • Master Data for APO, Initial Transfer, Generation& Activation of Master Data Integration Models.

    Transfer of Transaction Data

  • Transaction Data for APO& R/3, Generation& Activation of Transaction Data Integration Models, Pulication from APO to R/3.

    Monitoring& Error Handling

  • Monitoring Process, Error Handling

    List of Important T.Codes







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    Phone no.  :  Usa:+1-845-915-8712

                          India :  +91-9642373173 ,+91-9505533825


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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP BASIS Online Training Course Contents :

    What is SAP?

    ·         An introduction to ERP

    ·         An introduction to SAP

    ·         SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy

    ·         SAP Product Evolution

    ·         SAP Services Overview ( OSS )

    ·         An introduction to BASIS

    Basics to startup with BASIS Administration

    ·         An introduction to Operating Systems

    ·         An introduction to Database Systems

    ·         Overview of computer Networks

    ·         Network types & devices

    ·         Protocol & IP Address concepts

    ·         An introduction to Kernel Software

    Description of R/3

    ·         Client / Server Solution

    ·         Overview of 3 layer interface

    ·         Types of Client / Server Architectures

    ·         An introduction to R/3

    The Architecture of SAP R/3

    ·         Presentation Interface

    ·         Application interface

    ·         Database interface

    ·         Overview of R/3 Architecture

    ·         Overview of Dispatcher & Work Processes

    ·         The concept of SAP Instance

    Landscape and Implementation Lifecycle

    ·         Overview of Software Development

    ·         Overview of SAP Landscape

    ·         Landscape types

    ·         Lifecycle Implementation concepts

    Installation and Guidelines

    ·         Elements in SAP R/3 installation

    ·         Installation requirement

    ·         System sizing

    ·         Installation File Systems

    ·         Installation of RDBMS

    ·         Installation of SAPInst tools

    ·         Install central Instance

    ·         Load Database

    ·         Installation Database

    ·         Installation of Presentation Layer

    ·         Post installation Activities

    Working with SAP server

    ·         Start & Stop SAP R/3 Server

    ·         Directory Structures

    ·         Overview of SAP MMC

    ·         SAP & Oracle Environment Variables

    ·         SAP Logon Pad configuration

    ·         Overview of SAP License system

    ·         Overview of Transaction & Dialog step

    Management of users

    ·         Overview of user Administration

    ·         Managing User Master Records

    ·         Managing User Groups

    ·         Mass User Management

    ·         Managing Logged-on Users

    ·         Central User Administration

    CCMS & Configurations

    ·         Overview of System Profiles

    ·         Overview of Operation Modes

    ·         Overview of Background jobs

    ·         Overview of Log-on Load Balancing

    ·         Overview of Memory Management

    ·         Overview of workload monitor

    ·         Overview of Os Collector

    ·         Overview of Performance Management

    ·         Overview of alert monitoring

    ·         SAP system Pro-Active Health checks

    The Authorization System in SAP R/3

    ·         Overview of Authorization System

    ·         Maintaining Authorizations

    ·         Working with Profile Generator

    ·         Crating Roles

    ·         Maintaining Org. Levels

    ·         User Information System

    ·         Overview of Users & Authorization Tables

    ·         System Profile Parameters for User

    SAP R/3 Client Management

    ·         Overview of R/3 client

    ·         Client Copy methods

    ·         Client copy Requirements & Process

    ·         Open / Close R/3 Client

    ·         Overview of RFC

    ·         Deleting R/3 Client

    ·         Client Refresh

    ·         Copying DB Tables among clients

    The Transport System

    ·         Overview of change Transport System

    ·         Transport System Concepts

    ·         System Change Options

    ·         Working with Change and Transport Organizer

    ·         Overview of transport Management System

    ·         Configuring Systems and Domains

    ·         Configuring Transport Routes

    ·         Distributing and Verifying configuration

    ·         Overview of tp& R3trans

    ·         Performing Transports with tp Program

    ·         Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting

    Patch Management

    ·         Overview of Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons

    ·         Types of Support Packages

    ·         Downloading Support Packages

    ·         Support pack Dependencies and Requirements

    ·         Applying Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons

    ·         SAP R/3 Kernel Upgrade

    SAP Administration for Oracle Database

    ·         Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture

    ·         Oracle Directory structure for R/3

    ·         Overview of physical Layer

    ·         Overview of Logical Layer

    ·         Introduction to Cost – Based Optimizer

    ·         Introduction to SAPDBA & BRTOOLS

    ·         Tablespace Administration

    ·         Introduction to Database Reorganization

    ·         Database Backup & Restore

    ·         Database General Activities

    SAP Printing System

    ·         SAP Spool system Architecture

    ·         Introduction to SAP Access Methods

    ·         Defining R/3 Printer Devices

    ·         Managing spool Requests

    ·         The SAPLPD Driver Program

    ·         TEMSE object Database

    ·         Troubleshooting printing problems

    General Administration Utilities

    ·         Monitoring SAP Instances

    ·         Monitoring System Work Process

    ·         Managing User Sessions

    ·         Managing Update Records

    ·         Managing Lock Entries

    ·         Managing R/3 System Logs

    ·         Analyzing ABAP Dumps

    ·         System Tracing Utilities

    ·         Managing Batch Input Sessions

    Course Highlights

    ·         WIN 2003 E.C.C 5.0

    ·         LINUX SOLMAN 4.0

    ·         SAP BASIS Administration on windows 2003 & Linux Operating Systems

    ·         SAP BASIS Administration on SAP R/3 4.7EE, Ecc5.0, Ecc6.0 and Solman 4.0.


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP GTS Training Overview:

    SAP Global Trade Services SAP GTS automates global trade processes and enables you to manage large numbers of business partners, and high volumes of documents while also helping you to comply with changing legal regulations. It facilitates global trade by providing you with the tools you require to respond to governments modernizing their systems and to customs authorities communicating electronically with businesses.

    SAP Global Trade Services

    Introduction to SAP Global Trade Services
    • Overview of SAP GTS
    • SAP GTS Modules
    • Compliance Management
    • Customs Management
    • Risk Management
    • Global Trade Trends & SAP GTS
    • Implementation of GTS with an R/3 Back end system

    Setting up communication in R3 server
    • GTS Organization Structure
    • Legal Regulations
    • Deadline Types
    • Country Groups
    • Determination Procedures for Legal Regulations
    • Activation of Legal Regulations

    Compliance Management
    • Customs Document type
    • Customs Item category
    • Partner Functions
    • Partner Function Groups
    • Sanction party List Screening
    • Embargo Check
    • License Determination Process Flow
    • Configuration of License Determination
    • License Determination Strategy
    • Monitoring of License Determination for Customs Documents

    Customs Management
    • Product Classification
    • Numbering Schemes
    • Tarrif/Commodity Code Maintenance
    • Classifying Products
    • Customs Processing
    • Post Processing Framework
    • Overview of Customs Processing Service -- Electronic Declarations
    • Overview of Message Determination
    • Overview of Transit Procedure Service

    Risk Management
    • Overview of Preference Processing
    • Preference Processing in GTS
    • Preference Processing
    • Overview of Restitution Processing
    • Restitution Processing in GTS
    • Configuration of Restitution Processing
    • Business Process in Restitution Processing

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details




    Organization Management

    · Object Types

    · Object Keys

    · Expert Mode

    · Simple Maintenance

    · Org. Staff Planning

    · Info types

    Enterprise Structure Personnel Structure

    · Company 1. Employee Group

    · Company Code 2. Employee Sub Groups

    · Personnel Area 3. Assignments

    · Personnel Sub Area

    · Assignment

    Personal Management (Personal Administration) Organization Data Recruitment

    · Employee attributes 1. Vacancies

    · Payroll area 2. Advertisements

    · ABKRS Feature 3. Personnel Officer

    · Control record 4. Line Manager

    · Period Parameters 5. Application Types

    · Date modifiers

    · Payroll Data

    Basic Pay

    · Sales Order Mgmt.

    · Personnel Calculation Rule

    · Collective agreement provision and grouping

    · Pay Scale Type / Area

    · Pay Scale Groups & Levels

    · Feature TARIF

    · Wage Types

    · Characteristics of Wage types

    · Permissibility with PS and ESG

    · Wage type model

    · ESG for Primary wage types

    · Feature LGMST

    · PSG for primary wage types

    Time Management

    · Public holidays

    · Holiday Calendars

    · Factory Calendars

    · Work Schedules

    · Daily work Schedules

    · Break Schedules

    · Period work schedule rules

    · work schedule rules

    · Absence types

    · Attendance types

    · Attendance Quotas

    · Counting Class

    · PSG for absence / Attendance counting

    · ESG for personnel calculation rules

    · 15. PSG for time recording






    · Benefit Plans

    · Benefit areas

    · Beneficiaries

    · Benefit Providers

    · Benefit Parameters

    · Benefit Integration with Payroll

    · Related Features

    · Training and Event Management

    Business Events

    · Resources

    · Tools

    · LSMW

    · Reports

    · Info types

    · Info groups

    · Schema Modifications

    · Features

    · Table Maintenance

    · Authorizations






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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

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    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details




    · Evolution of HANA

    · Introduction to SAP HANA

    · Introduction to SAP In‐Memory

    · Strategy and Technology

    · HANA compare to BWA

    · SAP HANA Landscape

    · SAP In‐Memory Computing Product

    · Strategy and Roadmap



    · In‐Memory Computing Studio

    · Administration view

    · Navigator View

    · System Monitor

    · Information Modeller


    · Architecture Overview

    · IMCE and Surroundings

    · Row Store

    · Column Store

    · Loading data into HANA

    · Data Modelling concepts

    · Reporting

    · Persistent Layer

    · Backup & Recovery


    · Replication Server

    · Replication Process

    · Replication Architecture

    · Data Services

    · SAP BODS and HANA

    · Basic Data service Connection types

    · Data services 4.0

    · Full Extractor though ODP

    · Configure Import server

    · Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA


    · Introduction to Information Modeller

    · Levels of Modelling

    · Attribute Views

    · Analytic Views

    · Calculation Views

    · Export & Import Trigger‐based replication with SAP Landscape

    · Approaching SAP HANA Modelling Connecting tables

    · Advanced Modelling features

    · Hierarchies

    · Restricted & Calculated Measures

    · Filter Operations and Variables

    · Currency conversion

    · Introduction to SQL script and Script based

    · Processing Information Models

    · Managing Modelling Content

    · SAP HANA User Management and Privileges


    · HANA, Reporting Layer and Connectivity option

    · Business Objects BI 4.0

    · Business Objects BI 4.0 Explorer

    · Business Objects BI 4.0 Enterprise

    · Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections

    · Others, MS Excel


    · Creation of Users

    · Creation of Roles

    · Creation of Role Hierarchy

    · Assignment of Users to Roles

    · Authentication

    · IMCE Authorizations






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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

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    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details





    ABAP HR Introduction

    Difference between ABAP and ABAP HR

    SAP HR Introduction

    Organizational Management

    Personnel Administration

    Time Management
    Compensation Management


    Logical Database pnp/pnpce.
    Structure of Database Tables in PA
    Logical Database PCH and PAP
    Structure of DB Tables in PCH and PAP
    Data retrieval using PROVIDE Statement

    LDB Structure
    Reports with LDB - PNPCE, PCH                                      


    Info types

    Info types
    Info type Structure
    Customer Info type
    Info type Enhancements
    Info type Ranges
    Time Constraint & Attributes
    Info type Structure
    Info type Enhancement
    Custom Info type Creation

    Overview of using PA30/PA40 for different Info types

    Screen Modifications

    Enhancing a Single Screen

    Features- Functions- operations
    Organizational Management

    Organization Structure
    Evaluation Path
    Reports for OM
    OM Info type Enhancement

    Overview of Time Info types
    Positive & Negative Time Management
    Importance of IT0003
    Payroll and Time Management Basics
    Payroll Business Process
    Technical Components of Payroll
    Payroll Reports
    Time Management Processes
    Work schedule Rule
    Time Evaluation
    Overview of Payroll
    Payroll result structure & Macros
    Reports with Payroll results


    Payroll Cluster
    Payroll Programming Using Clusters
    Different Payroll Programming techniques
    Standard Payroll Reports
    Sample Custom Payroll Reports







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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details




    Unit 1: Concept and Objectives


    · What do we mean by Supply Chain


    · Logistics through the ages.

    · Different views on the supply chain.

    · What is new within about Supply Chain.

    · Defining the position of Supply Chain Management.

    · Supply Chain Management: A vision.

    · Elements of Supply Chain Management.

    · Objectives and Opportunities.

    · Objectives

    · Opportunities


    Unit 2: Systems and Architectures


    · IT-Based Approaches.

    · Principles of ERP.

    · Supply Chain Planning Tools.

    · Customer Relationship Management.

    · System architectures.

    · Internet Basics.

    · Applications

    · SCM Tools offered by SAP.

    · Sales Force Automation (SFA).

    · Business Information Warehouse (BW).

    · Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO).

    · APO in Business Processes.

    · Demand planning.

    · Supply Network Planning and PP-DS.

    · Supply Chain Cockpit.




    Unit 3: Supply Chain Projects


    · Industries and Supply Chain Management.

    · Perspectives

    · Methodical Approaches.

    · Procedures

    · Performance Measurement.

    · Benchmarking

    · Specific Industries.

    · Hi-Tech and Electronics.

    · Automotive Industry.

    · Consumer Goods and Commerce.

    · Logistics Services.

    · SCM - a Case History of Success








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    Phone no.  :  Usa:+1-845-915-8712

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    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

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    Placement Provided: No


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