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Identify a Specific SQL Statement

Updated May 18, 2018


Can anybody provide me the way how can I identify a specific SQL statement?



  • 26 Aug 2014 5:53 pm Sushma Best Answer

    Quite obviously a specific SQL statement can be identified by its SQL text. Due to the fact that the text can be quite long and there can be different similar SQL texts it is useful to identify a SQL statements based on a hash value that is derived from the SQL text. This hash value is called statement hash and can be found in column STATEMENT_HASH of SAP HANA performance views like M_SQL_PLAN_CACHE, M_EXPENSIVE_STATEMENTS or M_SERVICE_THREAD_SAMPLES.

    The statement ID (column STATEMENT_ID) can't be used for that purpose as it is based on a connection ID and not on a SQL statement text.