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In which scenario of SAP SD should PGI be carried out when the pick up quantity is zero and grayed out?

14 Aug 2007 11:53 am || 0

In the following cases the pick up quantity is zero and grayed out

  • The Picking entirely depends upon the item catagory. If the item catagory is not picking relevant the picking field is grayed out, in this case you can do the PGI without picking.
  • When the customer doesn'nt return the returnable packaging item we raise va01, VL01N where we do not have any pick up quantity that is zero and grayed out and we still carry out PGI.
  • In case if the warehouse is activated for your  plant/strorage location then also the pick quantity will be zero and  greyed  out.
  •  In case of Consignment issue (Item cat: KEN), in any Consignment Pick Up scenario (returnable packaging is just one application of this) where the delivery Item category is not relevant for picking since stocks get issued from the Special customer consignment stock there is no need of picking as the stock is in special stock.
  • In  case of text item, service without delivery items. There is no need of picking before PGI.

  • One more scenario could be a Drop Ship ( Third Party )sales order where you do the PGI with Zero Qty.

To check which item catagory is picking relevant:

T. Code: 0VLP - Define item category for Deliveries, or

SPRO -->IMG --> Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Deliveries --> Define Item Categories for Deliveries

Here uncheck Field: 'Relevent for picking'