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Include Freight cost into GST IN tax calculation during MIRO

Hello SAP Experts,

How to add freight cost while calculating tax of GST in MIRO?

I am not able to add freight cost in GST tax calculation even after following the process as shown below:

  • First, run the transaction MIRO
  • Now enter details like Invoice Date, Reference, Purchase Order Number, Quantity, Amount
  • Now choose tax code and click stimulate

Please help me to resolve this issue.


  • 22 May 2017 7:06 pm Helpful Answer

    In order to add freight cost in MIRO please use routines 362 or 363 to pass the freight cost to BASB condition for GST tax calculation.

  • 05 Jun 2017 6:24 pm Helpful Answer

    Please also in the pricing procedure assign subtotal 6 to the freight condition.