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Indicator 'Final issue' (KZEAR) Set for the Reservation

It is extremely important to first understand the difference between the two scenarios.

Goods movements are posted in the dialog

Once the goods movements in the confirmation have been posted in the dialog, the indicator "Completed" (COWB_COMP-ENDKZ) is setup automatically, that is when a final confirmation is posted. The indicator can be influenced and can also be reset manually via user exit or BAdI.

If it cannot be reset, then it can be transferred to inventory management (MM) and activated in the reservation. By the inventory management, there is no automatic adjustment. Likewise, the indicator is displayed in the confirmation and in the order (transaction CO14 or CORT).

Goods movements are posted discretely

The movements of the decoupled posting of the goods takes place during mass processing, collective entry, confirmation via BAPI, or if it is described like this, with a corresponding process control key. 

The system always generates data records in the table AFFW, if the goods movements are posted individually. The logic for the posting of the AFFW records varies from the posting of the goods movements in the dialog: In this scenario, the inventory management chooses whether or not the "Completed" indicator is set. The system executes the final issue or the final delivery incase the operation or order that belongs to the goods movement is finally confirmed, post the successful posting of the goods movements.