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Challenge Info type (0004)

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Challenge Info type (0004)

The data confined in the Challenge info type (0004) is used in order to be able to achieve the lawful duties with respects to the aids for severely dared people.If the history for the Challenge info type (0004) is to settle with the history confined on the ID card for relentlessly dared people, then we endorse that you restrict the info type in agreement with the data on the ID card.

If you want to differentiate amongst the challenged trainees and the dared people that has just finished there vocational training. The above groups are being specified with the help of legal guidelines, for this you have to take help of the challenge group.  The system suggests the challenge groups in respect to their official abbreviations. Next you have to enter for the simple challenge in agreement with the harshly challenged person’s law for the related degree of challenge.  After then you have to receive the entry of additional vacation strictly challenged people, please make sure that challenged level is of at least 50% must exist in the challenge (0004) info type.

The Acknowledgment Issue specifies the recognition with reverence to places reserved for strictly defied people in agreement with the Harshly Tested People Law. The Type of Challenge allows you, for example, to differentiate amongst confronted people with limitless or incomplete working competence Next you have to generate the directory of strictly confronted people, for this your system should use the date in the ID Date field. And if you uses the info type record end date which will further help you to show a slope of strictly confronted persons who accept the respective payments.

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