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Integrate an Email by Using SAP Business ByDesign

07 Jan 2014 6:11 pm || 0

How to Integrate an Email by Using SAP Business ByDesign?


In current era, a SAP user wants to exchange information between Microsoft Outlook and the CRM App of his system. And with the help of SAP Business ByDesign you can set up such integration between your Microsoft Outlook and CRM App.  After this integration one can be able to synchronize his e-mails, tasks and appointments even in the offline mode.

I just come across a very important task and realize that many people trying to execute the integration of their e-mails by using SAP Business ByDesign. So, no need to get panic.

For this one should perform the following steps:

  1. You have to activate Microsoft integration function as recommended in scoping.
  • Select Communication and Information Exchange
  • Office and Desk Integration
  • Outlook Integration Check box
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration with Activity Management, Account Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook will be now automatically done.
  • Now, answer some Scoping relevant questions.
  1. Now move forward to the Task Distribution View, employee work distribution, mark the Account Responsibility by Party Role and create a rule for every responsibility role related to Microsoft Outlook Integration. And then go to the Account Management work center view and click over EDIT and select Contacts and now you can edit responsibility in this section.
  2. Select the type of responsibility; enter User Id of that particular account holder in My Accounts.
  3. Now one can add his e-mail to synchronize by opening his email in his inbox and click over ADD E-MAIL in the SAP Business ByDesign Add-In toolbar and click SUBMIT Button.

After applying these simple three steps one can integrate his email with SAP Application on his system he can monitor his customer’s mail in offline mode too.