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Just In Time Colombo

Just In Time Technologies, Colombo

25 ½,Tower Building, Station Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka Colombo
Western Sri Lanka(IN)4

: +94112598005 ,+94777442515
: Institute

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At JUST IN TIME GROUP, we believe that our people are our greatest asset and investing in human capital is the key to the fore of the global industry.

  • We nurture a passion for excellence, dynamism & innovation by empowering them; hence creating a highly team oriented and customer focused culture. Innovation is the key to our competitive edge
  • As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Just in Time Group is committed to meeting the spirit as well as the letter of law. We have been, and continue to be, committed to Equal Opportunity Employment and Equal Treatment of all our employees
  • At JIT, you will, work with a young & dynamic team of industry specific professionals, offering flexible and customized end-to-end projects backed by a pool of knowledge and expertise available in house
  • Get an unparalleled experience in catering to all sectors in Sri Lanka & providing end to end solutions to anywhere in Sri Lanka as well as overseas
  • Benefit continuous and uninterrupted learning, development as we invest in building a world class team of high caliber professionals, certified in different areas and ensures growth of our employees
  • Work on best-of-breed technologies and excel in timely delivery of challenging end to end projects
  • Experience a higher personal & professional standard to maintain a healthy work –life balance whilst achieving organizational & personal objectives

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