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Link between RBKP and EKKO WITHOUT Positions in RSEG

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi together,

i have a little problem. I have an evidence which is refereced to an Order - but the invoice has no positions.

In the GUI i can go to transaction MIR4 and see the invoice, including the PO structure. (see atteched file)
If i click Edit-->Display/Change i can see the referenced PO.
The technical help shows me that it's the field EBELN in structure RM08M.

I want to get this link beteween the table RBKP (invoice) and EKKO (Order) by a query - can someone help me?
The normal way RBLP --> RSEG --> RKPO --> EKKO doesn't work, cause there's no data in RSEG for the invoice (no positions)...


THX a lot!!!

 Download attached file.

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