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Can mechanical engineer can choose as SAP as career?

I am basically a mechanical engineer with experience in design engineer. Can SAP be a career option ? If yes, which module ?

 Will  the experience in mechanical job is valid for sap company or I need join as fresher.

Is Sap as career is diferent from mechanical (technical)?

I dont know anything about sap and its module.  Please suggest how to get an entry into SAP and i need guidance.



  • 14 May 2013 6:15 am Rohit Mahajan Helpful Answer

    Throughout the industries receding tide and movements, thousands of specialists eager to change their job into SAP industries that will be a great decision. If you are desperate to work with in SAP industries and as per your field which is mechanical if would like you to go for SAP MM, Infect you need not to be an engineer to do SAP, if you have further interest in logistics it would be easy for you to do this job, You can also go for MS, MIS for SAP SCM, it is nothing but a supply chain management and if might help you as you have done mechanical engineering. SAP PS modules will also be good as there are too many organizations that are being shifted to PS module as it has great control and is also multipurpose.