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Output device Unavailable

Hi Gurus,

I have configured printer for SAP. It was working properly earlier.
Since today its showing `Output Device Unavailable`
while giving print command.

What shall I do. Please help


  • 01 Jul 2009 7:49 am Guest

    So - first of all

    - what operating system are you using?
    - how is the printer connected?
    - is the host spooler running?
    - what exactly "is showing Output Device unavailable"?

  • 14 Jul 2009 1:58 am Guest
    I have same problem please help, here the detail that you need to know
    - OS: SunOS
    - Printer connected : using type S: Print Using SAP Protocol
    - is the host spooler running? : yes
    - what exactly "is showing Output Device unavailable"?
    Status: Output device unavailable

    Last event:
    Message: Request on hold
    Time: 14.07.2009 08:31:06
    Job status: On hold
    Error class: Delayed
    Area: Data transfer
    Printout: Not printed

  • 14 Jul 2009 6:47 am Guest
    Hello all,

    Please troubleshoot the problem as:

    1. Check wheather host spool is available or not: via pinging it.
    2. If working, is the problem specific to your printer or all printer attached to host spool are not working? If all not working then the spool service might be not running. Spool service depends on OS. (For ex: Windows server it is SAPLPD)... please restart the service, In my case on windows it solved the problem.
    3. Also check from T x SPAD that printer should be unlocked.

    Shanker C
  • 30 Mar 2015 8:24 am Guest


    Im working as a network engineer in a concern, To be honest I have no idea about SAP, but we have SAP team and they are keep on complaining that whenever the error pop ups " Output Device Unavailable" it is because of network issue. Checked the networks not able to find any failed packets. Please help me to sort this issue.