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pgr/pgi posting

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear Sirs,

While doing invoicing /return how can we automatize  PGR/PGI , since presently dispatch peoples doing this process manually, which will create problem eg: some fi entries has been happened but entries in MM (material issue hasn’t happened ) Kindly have your advice on the same


  • 22 Apr 2013 12:53 pm Rohit Mahajan
    PGR is a post good received and PGI is post good issued.
    One of the most important variance in the middle of PGI and PGR is that the post good issues is commercial process that means goods are being delivers to the customers with the help of LF DEL do type with 601 mov.type and PGR defined the way as the goods are being returned by the customer, For PGR you must have the return sales order. PGI is basically an outbound delivery.

    IF you want to update the system for stocks and to stocks related activities such as updating all the stocks payment collection etc. after the outbound delivery while if you want to update the system for incoming items or the goods that are to be returned to nutshell you have to us PGR or you can say that
    PGR is incoming material (raw material) and PGI is a Dispatch material. PGI will led you to the decrement of your physical stock and PGR will increase all your physical stock. PGI will work in the SAP SD area while PGR will work in SAP MM area