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Previous Value not appearing in Combo Box

Shalesh Singh Visen || 15 Feb 2010 9:08 am || 3

When i press space bar or backspace, previous used value is not appearing SAP GUI screen in one of the Desktop. Please suggest.


  • 15 Feb 2010 9:10 am
    Which SAP GUI Version you are using? is the history is not comming only in sale order screen only or at the start since SAP GUI login?
    is this problem is with only one user login? is this problem comming only on one pc or another pc also?
    Please check the following SAP Note too, that will also help you up to certain extent.
    Also Low speed connection setting must not set in sap gui logon setting.

    The input history is not displayed in SAP GUI 620 or there are information requirements.
    Other terms
    Reason and Prerequisites
    A number of requirements must be met in order to display the input history.
    At least patch 20 of SAP GUI 6.20 should be installed.
    The Microsoft components MDAC and MSJET must be installed correctly.
    The user must have logged on under a user name in Windows.
    The machine must have a name.
    For the connection to R/3, the low speed connection must not be set in SAP Logon; see Note 161053. If the low speed indicator is set, a respective warning is displayed on the page "Local data" in the options dialog.
    In R/3 Release 3.1i, the history does not work in table controls, because no field names are transferred.
    Depending on the problem, you must check different points:
    If the history is not shown at all:
    Check MDAC/MSJET installation
    In SAP GUI 6.20, ADO is used instead of the DAO components, because DAO is not compatible with the new multi-threading architecture of the SAP GUI, as described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q169395.
    ADO requires two components: MDAC and MSJET. Up to MDAC 2.5, MSJET was part of MDAC. Since MDAC 2.6, MDAC and MSJET are shipped separately, as described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 271908.
    You can check the installation of MDAC using the Microsoft Component Checker as described in Note 620677.
    If MDAC does not exist, you can install MDAC 2.5 using the SAP GUI installation as described in Note 568119.
    Alternatively, more current versions of MDAC are also available at the URL mentioned above. As mentioned, note that MSJET must be installed separately in the current MDAC versions.
    Checking the options
    You can set the history options under Local Data in the option dialog box of the GUI.
    The runtime shows when entries will be regarded as obsolete and deleted.
    The maximum file size of the locally stored database must be larger than 0, since otherwise the history will not be available.
    The maximum number of entries shows how many values are to be saved for each input field. Permitted values are numbers between 1 and 20 (as of GUI 7.10 Patch 10, numbers between 1 and 99; the default value for this patch is 20). The history is saved in the folder for local data. This folder must exist and it must be possible to write to it.
    Option changes will be activated after restarting the GUI.
    If the history is still not displayed...
    Check whether the folder mentioned under options contains files with the names SapHistory*.mdb and SapHistory*.ldb, delete these files and restart the GUI. Unfortunately, existing history entries will be lost in the process.
    Create a trace:
    In the file sapfront.ini in the Windows directory, add the following entry:
    Components=Local DB
    Then make sure that the trace is switched off in the options dialog, because otherwise the settings in the sapfront.ini will not be used.
    These settings will become active after restarting the GUI. After creating the trace file, the trace can be switched off again by setting Mode=0.
    Errors in the trace
    If errors occur in the trace created above that indicate access to or creation of the DB, check the MDAC installation. Instructions are available in Note 931540.
    MDAC installation seems correct/still no history available
    If you tried to repair the MDAC installation in accordance with Note 931540, but the histoy is still not displayed: Note 1176026 contains a minimal test program to create an Access DB on your PC. If this also fails, we recommend to contact Microsoft Support.
    If the history is not shown individual fields:
    The history does not support input fields whose field names or input length exceed a certain size. This is described in detail in Note 399180.
  • 15 Feb 2010 9:11 am
    Press ( Alt+F12) – Option – Local Data – History On
  • 15 Feb 2010 9:18 am
    1) History is not coming in any of the screen on click on backspace
    2) This is issue is specific to this pc only
    3) I am using SAP GUI 640/ 28 Patch Level, i have also tried with 710 version
    4) Enclosed Trace file from local pc (contains CSapHistoryDb::PutFieldEntry: Microsoft JET Database Engine Unknown)