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Work Flow between SAP PS and SAP PP

Yvonne || 03 Aug 2010 3:59 am || 1


I am a PP consultant, please is there some guy tell me the relastionship and work flow between PS -PP and also tell how to get the conntect of PS - SD?

Thanks in Advance!



  • 27 Aug 2010 11:49 am Best Answer

    Hi Yvonne, First you need to know what PS (Project System) is, in PS Module you create the projects with structures like WBS and Network/Activity. You create WBS elements to define you project in hierarchy upto the level you need to explore your business requirement then you create Networks: Network maps the flow of project you create activities under network where you plan your tasks with time, date and cost. Basically WBS is to monitor and control the project in mean of Costing, Budgeting etc. Now, you want to know the integration between PS and PP. Once you create a project with Netowrk and activities you need some materials for production of finished goods for that you might need some semifinished and raw materials. You have created the requirements in activities by creating reservation if it is for inhouse production or purchase requisition if you want to procure materials from outside vendor. You have maintainde the BOM for finished good now once you created the resevation system will automatically create the purchase requsition or reservation for the dependent materials after running MRP, now you have planned order which you convert into production order and then confrmation and all for all these the budget and cost will come from PS, requirement generated in PS then you have goods receipt then goods issue etc. I hope with this you might have got few idea about integration. Please refer for more details and it would be better if you can get in touch with any PS consultant in your organization who can show the flow in system. Thanks, Krishna Singh

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