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QM (Quality Management) Interview Questions


Explain Inspection plan in the QM process?

Inspection plan is an integral part of the QM planning process. The inspection plan comprises of the number of characteristics of the item which have to inspected along with the list of tests which have to be performed for the inspection.

Explain the use of SAP Quality Management system?

SAP Quality Management is a part of SAP R/3 system and is merged with other SAP modules such as Production Planning PP, SAP Material Management MM, and Plant Maintenance. QM is an important part of logistic management and is utilized for performing quality functions at incoming material, in process manufacturing process as well as raw material in the facility.

What are the main components of Quality Management?

The main components of Quality Management are:

  • Planning
  • Notifications
  • Inspections

Can digital signature be used in QM?

Yes the user can utilize the digital signature in QM in the results recording, in the usage decision and in the physical sample confirmation. The digital signature in QM is all controlled by using the material authorization group. However, without material reference, the digital signature can also be forced for inspection lots for instance, for calibration inspections of equipment

When I go into QA13 I can notice that there is no stock in QM, and that the stock posting has been completed. Then why does MMBE indicate that there is stock in QM?

The user should verify the contents of MCHB especially MCHB-CINSM if there is a quantity there, imply SAP document 1935699. Related to the present inconsistencies open a message under MM-IM-GF-INC.

How to Change data for inspection lot in SAP QM?

Use t-code QA32 for changing inspection lot in SAP QM.

What are the core functions of mySAP QM functional consultant?

Ideally the Generally, the consultant performs the following functions:

  • Create the Inspection plan (for RM,In-Process, HALB, FERT)
  • Creation of Quality certificates
  • Notification related to Quality
  • Test Equipment Management
  • Creation of Master Inspection characteristics
  • Creation of Various Defect codes, Task codes etc
  • Stability study (Phama and Food industry)