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What does RDDIMPDP Job do?

Hi Gurus,  

What does RDDIMPDP job do? Is it supposed to be running in all environments, dev, quality and production or something else?  Please let me know about its proper functioning so that I can proceed accordingly.



  • 17 Jun 2009 1:44 am Guest Best Answer

    Yes..This job is scheduled mostly in quality and on prd system on all clients.If your organisation has less transports you can deschedule this job.This a generally scheduled to run every 1 or 5 mins.   This is a transport control job or u can say as a transport dispatcher program.   Other terms are event-controlled background job (sapevnt).   When you start a import of a change request,your tp triggers this job.   For more information   Cheers..

  • 30 Jul 2010 7:36 am Guest
    I need help one help....wt is mean tp and R3trans?