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Revealing HANA Data Size

07 May 2013 4:42 pm || 0

HANA Studio and ST04 share similar information but HANA is too new to evaluate the actual database size. The confusion is in the following context…

"Memory Used" in HANA Studio "Used Physical Memory" in ST04

"Disk Space Used" in HANA Studio "Used Disk Space" in ST04

Inside the database you can find the size of the current database. It is one of the values present in the M_MEMORY?

For a general user getting the actual database size for conventional RDBMS is not difficult but for HANA, this information is veiled

It is very true that getting the database size for HANA is a difficult task. This is because the information is hidden. Many times, the object is not correctly loaded to the main memory and hence it is not shown up in the memory consumption. Now, if your aim is to find the main memory consumption below mention process would help you to get the one.

You will need to perform system measurement. It determines the amount of memory in gigabytes that is allocated and used by server.


For performing system measurement, one needs Admin License


In SAP HANA Studio, select a system in the navigator

Choose Properties in the context menu of the system.

Go in the navigation bar and choose License. You will find a system measurement screen area where current memory consumption and licensed memory amount is exhibited.

If you want to store the result, choose export system measurement. However, if you want to find the memory used by HANA database, than use the TOTAL_SIZE_IN_MEMORY from M_CS_TABLES. This will give you the detail of the memory used by object partially or fully. The database will show ‘0’ for the object which are present in the system but not loaded in the memory database. Hope the information helped you to get the detailed knowledge of the HANA database. The information is sure to help you reveal HANA database size.