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Rize Trainings is breaking new grounds in the learning management space and bringing in the perfect blend of Technology, e-learning company with in-depth knowledge and experience of how to succeed with online training. As part of its commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services.

Rize Training provides eLearning, classroom & corporate for All IT courses like Hadoop, SAP, Data warehouse, Oracle, Testing Tools with live Projects in India, USA, UK.

RIZE Training offers wide range of courses belonging to business, IT, students, developers, data and working professionals, freshers etc; We regulate training about your expected courses and help you to advance your career. RIZE come up with numerous courses and offer training throughout the world like France, United states, China, India, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Canada etc; by using interface like webex and GoToMeeting.

RIZE trainers assist in developing Real time experience of the required course and also improving interview skills, knowledge, communication, content of the course, innovative project ideas, future scope etc. This makes our students are becoming future experts and working as professionals in top rated companies.


Course Details


SAP ABAP Online Training and classroom training provided by Rize training with real time faculty, 24/7 technical support, Best SAP ABAP Certification Training in Hyderabad


Introduction to ERP 
Introduction to the world of SAP 
SAP R/3 Architecture 
SAP Landscape 
SAP Easy Access 

Introduction to ABAP 

Basic Constructs of ABAP programming 
Understanding Data types and Operators 
Control Statements 
ABAP Workbench 
 ABAP Data Dictionary 

Data Elements 
Table Types 
Search Help Objects 

 ABAP Programming – Part I 

Structure definition in ABAP program 
Work Areas 
Internal Tables 
Operations On Internal Tables 
Control Break Statements 
Need for Modularization Techniques 
Function Modules 
Introduction Open SQL 
SELECT statements 
Select statements for multiple tables 

ABAP Programming – Part II 

Types of Reports 
Classical Reports 
Interactive Reports 
Events in Reporting 
ALV (ABAP List Viewers) Reports(Classical) 

ABAP Programming – Part III 

Module Pool Programming 
Graphical Screen Painter 
Events in Screen Programming 
Sub-Screen Designing 
 ABAP Programming – Part IV 

Introduction to Data Migration 

File Processing in ABAP program 
Working with Presentation Server files 
BDC (Batch Data Communication) 
Transaction Recording using SHDB 
Call transaction Method 
Session Method 
BAPI Method 
LSMW (Legacy System Migration WorkBench) 

ABAP Programming – Part V 

SAP Scripts 

ABAP Programming – Part VI 

Introduction to Enhancements 
User Exits 
Customer Exits 

ABAP Programming – Part VII 

OO-ABAP Introduction 
Classes and Object 
Inheritance and Polymorphism 
Instance and static 

Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details


Rize Trainings Provides for Advanced Oracle Fusion Functional SCM Online Training In Hyderabad, Bangalore, India, USA, Uk, Australia etc.

Learn Oracle fusion SCM online training by Real Time Experts.

We Provide oracle fusion Supply Chain Management Through Online, Classroom and corporate Training.

We provide along with training:

  • Real time scenarios on every topic
  • Daily tasks
  • We provide each recorded session
  • Course materials
  • Resume preparation
  • Life Time 24/7 Technical support
  • Course Details:-

  •  Fusion Material Management
  •  Fusion Product Management
  •  Fusion Purchasing
  •  Fusion Self Service Procurement
  •  Fusion Sourcing
  •  Fusion Value Chain Planning
  •  Fusion Supllier
  •  Fusion Procurement Contracts
  •  Fusion Receipt Accounting
  •  Fusion Cost Accounting
  •  Fusion Order Management
  •  Basic Setups in Fusion General Ledger
  •  Basic Setups in Fusion Account Payables
  •  Basic Setups in Fusion Account Receivables
  •  Fusion Oracle Identity Management (IDM)
  •  Fusion Authorization Policy Manager (APM)
  •  Fusion Business Process Management (BPM)
  •  Data Conversion (Spread Sheet and Fbdi)
  •  Rapid Implementation
  •  Oracle Fusion OTBI and BI Reports
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Oracle Fusion HCM Course

    1 Course Overview

  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Demonstrating Oracle Fusion Applications Help
  • 2 HCM Cloud Service Overview

  • Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service Patching and Upgrades
  • Oracle Cloud Environment Management
  • Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
  • Oracle Cloud Backup Policies
  • Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery Objectives
  • Know How to Work with Oracle SaaS
  • 3 Enterprise Structures: Initial Configuration & Maintenance

  • Enterprise Structures Overview
  • Designing Enterprise Configuration
  • Enterprise Structures Configurator
  • Reference Data Sharing
  • Jobs and Positions
  • Contextual Attributes for Jobs and Positions at different levels
  • 4 Workforce Structures

  • Manage Enterprise HCM Information Task
  • Employment Models
  • Work Day Information
  • Number Generation
  • Person- Name Languages
  • Enterprise-Level User and Role-Provisioning Options
  • Defining Locations
  • Defining HCM Organizations
  • Actions and Action Reasons
  • 5 Define Legal Entities for HCM

  • Legal Entity Role
  • Legal Entity Considerations
  • Legal Entity and its Relationship to Divisions
  • Legal Reporting Units Overview
  • Legislative Data Groups
  • 6 Define Grades

  • Grades Setup and Maintenance
  • Defining Grades
  • Defining Grade Rates
  • Defining Grade Ladders
  • 7 Define Jobs

  • Jobs Setup and Maintenance
  • Lookups for Jobs
  • Grades
  • Job Families
  • 8 Define Positions

  • Positions Setup and Maintenance
  • Lookups for Positions
  • Positions Examples in different industries
  • 9 Manage Workforce Lifecycle

  • Add Person
  • Manage Employment Information
  • Areas of Responsibility
  • Employment Processes
  • Mass Updates
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • 10 Maintain Worker Directories

  • Person Gallery and Portrait
  • Person Search
  • Line Manager Self-Service
  • Worker Self-Service
  • Portrait Cards
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Managing Gallery Portrait
  • 11 Define Workforce Records

  • Defining Availability
  • Defining Person Record Values
  • Defining Employment Record Values
  • Defining Documents
  • 12 Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications (Overview)

  • Workflow
  • Approval Policies
  • Approver Types
  • Manage Approval Groups for Human Capital Management
  • Approval Structure
  • Oracle BPM Worklist
  • Approval Rules
  • 13 Extend and Personalize HCM (Overview)

  • Sandbox Manager
  • Customizations
  • Flexfield Concepts
  • 14 HCM Security Overview (Overview)

  • Role-Based Security Model
  • Role Inheritance
  • Security Profiles and Data Roles
  • User and Role Provisioning
  • 15 Business Intelligence and Ad Hoc Reporting (Overview)

  • Oracle Fusion Reporting Tools for Oracle HCM Cloud Service
  • Comparison of Reporting Tools
  • Overview of OTBI and BI Publisher
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No


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