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The Role of SAP In The Historic Win of BJP

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The Role of SAP In The Historic Win of BJP

It is an interesting to see how major IT firms such as SAP and Oracle are playing an integral part in setting up the right wing party of the Bhartiya Janta Party. SAP has been instrumental in extending all the support required to the Narendra Modi government in coming up and creating a historic win in the current political scenario of the country India. 

What is more fascinating is how the BJP has affianced the global technology firms such as Oracle and SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) and is now taking the help of these companies for keeping a real time check as well as performing analysis on the social media trends. This has been in alliance with InMobi by virtue of which these Indian start ups have created a niche profile of all the party candidate and are spreading this to all the mobile users. 

Mathew Thomas the Vice president of Strategic industries, on the Indian Sub continent, has congratulated his team on how SAP a well known German software has equipped the media team of the "Bhartiya Janta party"with all the apt digital connections by utilizing the social networking platforms which also includes Face book and Twitter to its advantage. Thomas congratulated his SAP Labs team of the on a great job done which enabled BJP to successfully win the major elections and also helped them to completed their “mission 272+”. 

He further in his internal communication added that the way in which SAP labs came up in designing a large scale and an agile strategy for BJP was very essential for their success and this also meant imposing campaign managers along with party leaders which reached out to the social mediums of technology in an very appealing and an efficient manner. 

The employees of SAP, a well know German software firm adopt various practices on completing a political event tracking and also generated valuable inputs for the various campaigns held by the party. A detailed analysis is performed which focused on issues like influencer ranking, and then identify the top influencers, and later work and create strategies which concentrate on people's thoughts on critical matters like FDI, foreign direct investment, as well as  and inflation and not to miss the centre of attraction social media.

All thanks new and advanced technology BJP quite unlike the previous elections stood miles ahead of their rivals and established new trends as compared to it oldest rival, the Indian national Congress party.

SAP competed against Salesforce, Adobe and Salesforce for winning this contract. The company helped the backend team of the BJP by providing them with real time reports in the form of summaries and the same was also sent to the senior leadership for their insights as well. An interesting fact is that all three IT companies portrayed that in the present elections all the national and regional parties saw mobile advertising as an important medium of reaching out the local masses. 

It is to be noted that for the very first time in the history of Indian politics the technology companies have played a very major and a decisive role in the 2014 elections, and the same been made evident by the results of the elections.   

Atul Satija, vice-president, Revenue & Operations, InMobi, goes on to add mobile technology has rapidly grown over the years and is certainly a medium to look out for in the future.  He further stated that InMobi. "There are 900 million mobile devices, with 100 million connected to the Internet. This would further enable the parties to target advertisers, thus help them to work on the native content too. Infact it was InMobi who conducted advertising on specific issues such as education, women's safety on behalf of BJP.

Arvind Gupta, the National Head Information and Technology also confirmed that the party was in constant touch with the leaders of these technology firms and all these companies further helped BJP in keeping ahead on a real time basis and because of these firms enabled BJP to take corrective measures and adopt all those practices which contributed to the parties success.

Will these practices adopted by SAP help the party win the elections and come into power in the upcoming State elections?

We will have to wait and watch for the results!!



  • 30 Sep 2015 1:27 pm

    sap is most imp in all industry......

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