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Data Transfer Process (DTP) in SAP BW


1. Indicator: Only Get Delta Once

The source requests of a DTP for which this indicator has been set are transferred only once, even if it refers to the fact that the DTP request has been deleted in the target.


Here the indicator has been set for a delta DTP, a snapshot scenario is created. 

Incase the user always wants an InfoProvider which entails the up-to-date dataset for a query however the DataSource on which it is based upon is unable to deliver a delta (changed, new or deleted data records) due to technical reasons.

A scenario like this may be required if the user always wants an InfoProvider to comprise of the most up-to-date dataset for a query however the DataSource on which it is based is unable to deliver a delta (new, changed or deleted data records) because of technical reasons. Specifically for this type of DataSource, the current dataset for the required selection can only be successfully transferred by utilizing a 'full update'.

In this scenario, a DataStore object is unable to determine the missing delta information (which includes both overwriting and creation of delta). Incase this is logically impossible because, for example, data has been deleted in the source without first delivering the reverse records, user can set this indicator and also perform a snapshot scenario. The most up-to-date request for the DataSource will only be retained in the InfoProvider. The initial requests for the DataSource are all deleted from the (target) InfoProvider prior to a request of the new one.(this is done by a process in a process chain, for example). During the DT delta process, they are not transferred again. Once the system determines the delta when a new DTP is generated, these earlier (source) requests are visible as 'already fetched'.

The setting this indicator makes sure that the content of the InfoProvider is a true and exact representation of the source data.


Requests which have to be fetched are visible in this indicator in the where-used list of the PSA request, inspite of being deleted also. In place of a traffic light now there is a delete indicator.

2. Get Data by Request

This indicator comes belongs to a DTP  which fetches data from a DataSource or InfoPackage in the delta mode.


If the user sets this indicator, a DTP request will only derive data from an individual request in the source.

This is critical, for example, if the dataset in the source is very huge to be transferred to the target in a single request.


If the user sets this indicator, please keep in mind, there is a risk of a backlog: If the source receives new requests sooner than the DTP is able to fetch them, the amount of source requests which have to be transferred will steadily increase.