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SAP BW 7.31/7.4 BO4.1 HANA BPC 10 Data Service training

Raul Meng, Ottawa

Ontario Canada(IN)

: Freelance

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SAP BW 7.31/7.4 BO4.1 HANA BPC 10 Data Service training 


I'm a experienced BW/BO/HANA/data service project lead and have been involved many big projects which integrated BW and Business object also data service.

I can provide online training according to my real project experience, show you system Demo step by step and troubleshooting. I can even provide you the VM server installed SAP BW7.31/7.4,HANA 1.0 SP7, BO4.1,Data service 4.1 platform, so that you can practise yourself.

it's interactive training and I'm glad to answer any of your questions during the training and you can customize training lesson too according to yourself.
you can reach me via email:

Check below videos on Youtube:
Tutorial of SAP HANA in VMware on laptop:
How to import metadata from SAP ERP to HANA with SAP Data services:
Tutorial of SAP BPC10 and BW 7.3 in VMware on laptop: 



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