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Mohammed Ashfaq Hasan, Hyderabad

SAP Configuration & Real time Projects Data DVD’s

Mohammed Ashfaq Hasan, Hyderabad

Hyderabad Madhapur Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh India(IN)580001

: 8121896080
: Freelance

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SAP Configuration & Real time Projects Data DVD’s for those WHO Passionate to make their career in SAP Technology

(SAP Data helps you throughout in your SAP career)

The SAP Data mentioned below is taken from my previous organization where we don’t have restrictions to download & these data are saved in shared drive where every sap consultants (SD, MM, FICO, ABAP….) need to save all project related documents here.

I am providing these data in the form of DVD’s, so that the candidates who are struggling to get into sap technology can easily understand sap flow in real-time work environment. Also it helps you as reference document when you get a job in sap technology.

Here I have mentioned the SAP Data & Price available as per sap SD, FICO & ABAP modules. sap flow in real-time work environment. Also, it helps you as a reference document when you get a job in sap technology.

Here I have mentioned the SAP Data & Price available as per sap SD, MM, FICO & ABAP modules.

  • End 2 End configurations (as per Blue Prints) of SD, MM, FI/CO & ABAP.
  • Training Videos of SD&ABAP.
  • Integration Config. Docs SD-MM-PP-FI-CO-PS & ABAP customized in SD-MM-FICO.
  • Various Business Process Configured & tested & ABAP customized in SD, MM, FICO.
  • CIN End 2 End Config. (SD-MM,-MM-FI) with screenshots, path and T-codes & Business Process.
  • ASAP methodology. Roles & Responsibilities of Functional & Technical Consultants in each phase of Implementation Project & Documents like; Project Plan & Charter, QADB, BBP, As Is, To Be, Gaps, BPR, Base Line & Final Config, Functional & Technical FS, Testing Docs & Templates/Scripts, UAT, FRICE List, Cut Over Data, User Manuals, Training Documents and LSMW Templates etc.
  • SUPPORT PROJECT: Tickets & Solutions of SD, FICO, ABAP&MM area, FS, UAT, Support Project Flow, Ticketing Tool & Roles & Responsibility of Functional & Technical Consultant in Support Project.
  • ABAP: Every Functional Consultant should update ABAP skill for customized requirement. General ABAP, SQL, DDIC, Reports, Data Transfer (BDC & LSMW), ALV, Debugging, Enhancement, SAP Script, Smart Forms, Module Pool, ABAP Query & Workflow.

  • SAP SD+ Project Data=Rs.4000
  • SAP FICO+Project Data=Rs.5000
  • SAP ABAP+Project Data=Rs.4000
  • Dear Friends, The importance of these SAP Data is –

    You can find out corporate training PPT’s available for SD, MM, FICO & ABAP Modules. These PPT’s are designed on topic wise from which you can easily understand the flow and scope of each concept/topics of Modules. And second, you can find out end to end configuration (with screen shot, path & t-code) of all above modules, this helps you why, how and where you need to do configure. And also you can find out end user documents which help you how and where sap configuration impact while you run business process in SD, MM, FICO and ABAP Area. And last but not the least you can find out SAP Certification books for SD & FICO modules, these books helps you to make you master in fundamentals. If you are strong enough in fundamentals then you will be master in your own module.

    I have already sent these dvds to many candidates in India as well as Canada and US, who already learned sap modules and trying to make their career in sap world but having trouble to understand how sap works in realtime work environment. I keep in touch with candidates who bought these dvds all are happy and gave me positive response and satisfied from these data and its content and most of them got job in sap technology.

    The price of these dvds are nothing if you compare the data in it. Usually most of SAP (job) aspirant spending time money energy to collect and update knowledge in SD. MM, FICO, ABAP, CIN and realtime project data. And in market learning particular concept or modules like CIN or Real Time Project based training, you need to pay additional amount to update on this. And most of us do not share these kinds of data and always candidates need to depend on others to get it and update themselves, this is a fact. From these data you can avoid dependency and make your own way to get success in SAP. “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness”

    Obliviously I am getting consideration from you to share these data in the form of DVDs but indirectly I am helping you to save your time money energy to get into sap technological world and helping to avoid dependency. I wish you people need to enhance your financial position, where companies are paying handsome salary to deserve candidates and also I wish make your own way, make your future bright in sap with grace of Almighty. ‘IF OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOT KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR, BUILD A NEW DOOR’.

    Once you get these data DVD’s please spend at least 15-20 days to update on these data because ‘DON’T ENTER IN BOXING RING WITHOUT PRACTICE’.

    Thank you for your precious time Feel Free to Contact me to-

    Mohammed Ashfaq Hasan

    SAP TL

    +91 8121896080,




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