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SAP Drop shipments

 Dear friends,

I have a situation on SAP drop shipments,  we are implementing a brand new SAP drop shipment process. We need to submit the entire project plan in 2 weeks  so kindly provide suggestions as soon as possible   Assumptions are the client will not require any reports or perform data manipulation/ look-ups from SAP side. Covalentworks is our EDI provider who will be accountable to manipulate the master and transactional data in and out of SAP. The client  wants the following output  

1. Develop a custom item category for drop shipments

2. Once you plug in the specific item category into the SO and save it, we should be able to generate automatic PR and eventually purchase orders

3. The PO must have       a. The interface currently will only handle 1 SO with 1 line item, "to-be"- orders will be in multiple line items       b. The order relies on the plant to generate the ship-2- address. The order currently doesn\'t send shipment information (THIS IS A BIGGER ISSUE BECAUSE THIS INFORMATION CAN\'T  BE FOUND IN PO. WE MUST PULL THIS FROM THE SO) and shipping details (ship2 party) at item levels       c. The transaction currently does not send the carrier / FOB information   The PO should have at Header level a. SO number b. SO. type / order status c. Customer no d. FOB details   at Line item level a. Item code b. Quantity c. Transfer price d. Comments e.SHIP 2 CODE, name and address   4. This PO is sent to Covalentworks (EDI provider) who then ships the product to customer and invoices the client through SAP.       a. We need to way to match the invoice with the PO and       b. Trigger an automatic customer invoice    Please advise on this process on how do i go about with the implementation - Configuration, t-codes etc/ if you can help me personally kindly provide a contact information  Also please advise on what amount of work is this like time and what resources are needed (ABAP and functional side)