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SAP Partners with NBA for Introducing the Natural language Query

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SAP Partners with NBA for Introducing the Natural language Query

SAP is affecting our day to day lives in more than one way. The company seems to be all geared up in action and has tied with the National Basketball association (NBA) for driving the natural language queries to its online stats pages on the official website of NBA which is Sports fans love statistics and they can continue arguing for hours at a stretch on who plays better, is it Curry or LeBron? With the help of the natural query language their lives will become simpler and they will now have numbers to prove themselves.

More often than not it takes quite some time to get an answer as the individual has to scan through the charts and then look out for the appropriate answer however with this latest addition the fans will now be able to simply type in their question and the website will showcase the answer without researching much and the answer will be highlighted. The NBA website is stacked up with stats, and now you can get an answer in quite a few number of ways such as simply typing words in a search box, changing the sort order of a chart and even scanning alphabetical listings The new feature is being launched in Beta and will be available soon.

SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) will be using their HANA technology and the natural query language will be all controlled by the virtue of HANA’s native text analysis ability, which will analyze all the words listed in the question and then show the correct answer. The work seems to be more of an extension of the work, SAP and NBA have already been doing on the NBA Stats site for the last few years. The Stats site initially came online during the All Star game in Houston in the year 2013.

A NBA spokesperson told TechCrunch mentioned on an emailWe formed a partnership with SAP in 2012 and have worked in conjunction with them on the development of”.

Answers to questions like ‘Who’s the leading scorer in the NBA this year’ (Stephen Curry) and ‘How many all-star appearances has Dwayne Wade had’ (12) can now be found online in just a few seconds only.

The announcement made today is just the beginning of the development taking place at NBA as the initial plan is to work on developing the natural language features, along with exploring options such as player tracking information with SportVU, video box scores, and postgame infographics in place.

The NBAM spokesperson also commented “The natural language search function will continue to evolve. It is important to note that this feature is simply another way for fans to search our official statistics on the site. Fans can still search through the various charts, content and statistical sections we have featured on the site”.

With the help of the HANA technology SAP intends to improve the overall experience for the NBA visitors and help them get an answer for all their queries online in a much faster way!

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