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Sanjeev Tiwari, Bangalore

Sanjeev Tiwari, Bangalore

Bangalore Bangalore
Karnataka India(IN)560016

: 7017779660
: Freelance

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Hi All,

I am a real time SAP consultant in IT Organization.

I offer FICO training at my resident and online also with real time scenarios and real-time documentation.

Now a days competition has become more and tougher because a huge number of candidates are getting released from coaching institution every month (so if you join a coaching center you will be also one out of them).

No doubt that there is a very good career in this field. It’s also true that starting salary is 6 to 7 lacs/annum. But you should have very good knowledge of real time scenario which is not given by coaching institution although they promise a lot.

Because in coaching institution, classes will be theoretical more and practical less, even in practical classes also they teach you "how to do" but when you people come to us for interview, we ask "why to do". Hence the difference between how and why become the reason of rejection for all coaching candidates.

Guy's SAP learning is very easy if you are under right guidance but those guidance can be given by a real time consultant only, not by a coaching center. Even some of the coaching centers promise to provide you interview questions and answers and because of that there charges will be high, but guys trust me these all question sets are downloaded from Google, even you can also do the same, then why to pay extra money for such a rubbish question set which is not useful at all.

What exclusive I can offer to my student:

1.0 Real time training with real time scenario (both domestic and international)

2.0 Real time documents and how to prepare it.

3.0 Real time Interview Questions and answers (with full explanation theoretically and practically both).

4.0 Resume preparation

5.0 Mock interview session (for both telephonic and face to face)

6.0 Profile creation on job portals (guys i have taken this responsibility because i know how to create most visible profile)

7.0 And many more but it’s not possible to explain each and every thing here.

If someone get all (truly), what I mentioned above, his/her success percentage will be 100% and he or she can crack any interview.

Guys instead of eating more and more quantity, better eat less but with quality, because we (interviewer) are looking for quality, not for quantity.

Also i am neither offering any coaching classes nor online training, i am offering  face to face classroom teaching at my home where you will be able ask n number of question and spend more and more time to groom your career.

There are many more things and it’s not possible to explain everything here.

Hence for more details give me a call or missed call at



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