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SAPGUI 7 timeout 10 mins problem

Mohammed Ahmed Hassan || 18 Jul 2016 3:13 pm || 1

SAPGUI 7 timeout 10 mins problem


  • 26 Jul 2016 6:04 pm Best Answer

    If you have NWBC >= 5.0 and SAP GUI 7.40 installed, and the server configuration file set to a http file, you cannot start SAP Logon (Pad) , instead you get an error PopUp ("..Error when loading server configuration files...") after only 2-4 seconds.

    To Solve this

    turning off the option "Allow caching of server configuration files" on the SAP Logon Option dialog

    or allow an administrator to change the default connectTimeout from 60 seconds to another wished value e.g. 30 in seconds by creating a new registry value "LandscapeServerFileConnectTimeout" of type DWORD under



    The extension is included in an SAP GUI for Windows patch.

    In section "SP Patch Level" you can find information, which patches
    contain the respective correction. Please install this patch or a newer one (SAP GUI patches are always cumulative).

    If the section "SP Patch Level" is not available or the information about which patch contains the correction is missing, this means that this has not been determined, yet. In this case, please re-check this SAP Note at a later point of time.