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SAPscript: Conversion error in the PC editor

Updated May 18, 2018

When you save a text in the PC editor, formattings are possibly not transferred correctly to the ITF text.
In the (old) line editor, the following text is entered in a line:
When this text is read in the (new) PC editor, saved without change and then displayed with the new line editor, the system displays the following text:
Thus, when you save the text the system transfers the formatting of the previous character string for the symbol although this was not requested. The same error can occur if the symbol is on a new line, or if there are only tabs between the formatted text and the symbol.

This is caused by an error in the converter for ITF texts.
The error only occurs if a formatted character string is followed by a symbol which does not have this formatting.

The error is corrected in Release 4.6A. Until then you can implement the corrections in Include INCLUDE LSTXXF02 which are specified in the attachment.



  • 21 Jul 2017 5:37 pm Ingo Beringer

    Not our first problems with sapscript. You recommend sap adobeforms nowadays?