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Andhra Pradesh India(IN)500038

: 8885304545 ,9949890149
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TL Technologies offers a wide range of Online Training Courses to satisfy your quest of knowledge in subject of your interest or knowledge. TL Technologies is one of the trusted training institutes that offer online Software training for various IT courses & works with a mission to make online software learning easier for all the students across the globe. We train people across all parts of the globe in various ranges of technologies. Our main objective is to provide IT training to fresh learners and professionals spread over a wide geographical area.

TL Technologies is an IT training, consulting and placement company based in Hyderabad, India. We offer flexible, relevant, and affordable online IT training to companies that have a large volume of high-turnover positions. By availing our IT training and consulting services, businesses can save thousands of dollars, eliminate classroom related costs and material expenses, minimize loss of productivity, ensure higher learning retention rate.


Course Details



SAP HANA 1.0 SPS08 (Year ending offer SAP HANA (DEV) Rs.8000/- Till 31st-Dec-2014)

 Real Time Oriented Training - 8885304545 

Course Content

Introduction to SAP HANA                

Architecture of SAP HANA (Discussing below topics in detail)

Importance of In-memory studio

Importance of Reporting

Importance of Session Mngt

Importance of Relational Engine

Importance of Request Processing/Execution Control

Importance of Managers

Importance of Persistence Layer

Importance of Disk Storage

Importance of Load Controller

Importance of Replication Agent

Importance of BOBI 4.

HANA Studio


What is catalog

What is Content

What is Schema & How to create Schema

How to Create Package

How to Create Attribute View

Importance of Description Mapping

Importance of Text Join

How to create Hierarchies

How to create Analytical View

Importance of Data Foundation

Importance of Logical View

Importance of Save & Activate, Data Preview

How to Create Calculation View

What is Calculation View

Importance of Save & Attributes, Measures, Variables

Importance of Find Column


Importance of Decision Table

Importance of Analytical Privileges

Overview on SQL Script related to HANA



What is the use of SLT Replication

SLT Functionalities in Detail

Practical View on SLT

Importance of LTR Transaction

Data Services 4.1 Replication

Importance o0f DS 4.1 HANA DB

Extraction of XLS File to HANA DB

Extraction of CSV File to HANA DB

Extraction of SAP Table to HANA DB

Extraction of XSD File to HANA DB

Sybase Replication

Overview on Sybase – No Practical Touch.


Flat file uploading to HANA DB.


In detail discussion on sizing factor


MS – Excel based reporting

BI 4.0

Defining business layer on IDT (Information Design Tool) Environment

Webi Reporting on HANA DB

Crystal reporting on HANA DB


User Creation

Role Creation

How to assign role to user

How to assign analytical privileges to role

Different types of Privilege




Granted role

Advanced Topics

BO Explorer – information spaces on top of HANA

Visual Intelligence on top of HANA


Use of DXC

In detail overview on DXC.

Interview Questionnaire & Certification Guidance…

Certification Guidance….

























Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details



SAP DATA SERVICES 4.2 - 8885304545



What is a Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse Functions & Implementation

Data Warehouse Products & Vendors

About SAP & their Products

SAP’s Data Warehouse product – SAP BW

SAP BW functions, Benefits & Limitations

About BusinessObjects & their Products

Why SAP Acquired BusinessObjects

Data Centric Vs Process Centric DWH system

BusinessObjects Vs SAP BOBJ

SAP BOBJ Product Portfolio – BI, EIM, EPM, GRC, AA


SAP BOBJ Data Services Overview


About Data Services – Introduction & BI Platform

Functions – Data Integration & Data Management

Data Services Product Evolution (ATL, DI & DQ)

Architecture – by Components

Installation of Data Services on Windows

Data Services Tools & its functions

Data Services Objects & Object Hierarchy

BODS Objects Naming standards

BODS Objects comparison with SAP BW Objects


Data Services – Basic Level


Repository Manager – BODS Repository

Repository Types – Local, Central, Profile, Data Package

Repository Creation & Upgradation

Server Manager – Job Server (JS) & Access Server (AS)

JS & AS Creation, Job Server-Repository Assignment

Metadata Integrator – Sharing the BODS Metadata to BOXI

License Manager – Adding or Upgrading the Keys

Management Console – Introduction & Components

Data Service Designer – Introduction & GUI

Getting Start with Designer to develop First ETL Flow


Datastore & Formats


Datastore – Overview & Types

Datastore creation – DB, SAP, Adaptor, Web Service

Formats – Flat file, Excel, DTD, XSD, COBOL Copybooks

Data Extraction from Database Tables

Data Extraction from Excel Workbook – Multiple Sheets

Data Extraction from Flat file (CSV, Notepad, and SAP Transport)

Data Extraction from XML File (DTD, XSD)

Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks

Data Distribution to Flat File & XML

Dynamic Extraction – File Selection & Sheet Selection


Data Services – Transforms


Transforms & Category (DI, DQ, PF)

Data Integrator – Data_Transfer Transform, Date_Generation Transform 

Data Integrator – Effective_Date, Hierarchy_Flattening

Data Integrator – History_Preserving, Key_Generation

Data Integrator – Map_CDC_Operation, Table_Comparision

Data Integrator – Pivot, Reverse_Pivot, XML_Pipeline

Platform – Case, Map_Operation, Merge, Query

Platform – SQL, Validation, Custom ABAP Transform

Text Analysis – Introduction & TDP vs. TA

Text Analysis – Base Entity Extraction Transform

Text Analysis – Unstructured Data Extraction, Dictionaries & Rules and Language Modules


Data Services – Advance Level


BODS Admin Console – Administration, Auto Reporting

Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows & Security

Variables, Parameters, Substitution Parameters, System Config

Debugging, Recovery Mechanism

Data Assessment – Data Profiling

BODS Performance Tuning Techniques

Multi-User Development Environment – Into & Advantages

Multi-User Environment – Implementation & Migration



Data Services – SAP Extraction Introduction


SAP Systems – Into, SAP Systems allowed, Terminology

SAP BODS and SAP ERP / SAP BI Integration

SAP BODS User & Role creation in SAP


Data Services – SAP ERP Extraction


SAP ERP – Data Flow, Interfaces, and Objects allowed to BODS

Creating SAP Application Datastore – Properties

SAP ERP – Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction

SAP ERP – Getting RFC enabled Functions Modules

SAP ERP – IDOC Data Extraction & IDOC Data Loading

SAP ERP – Extracting Flat file data from SAP APP Server


Data Services – SAP BW/BI Extraction & Loading


SAP BW – Data Flow, Interfaces, and Objects allowed to BODS

Creating SAP BW Source & SAP BW Target Datastores

SAP BW – Extracting Data from SAP BW InfoProviders – OHD

SAP BW – Extracting Data from SAP BW bases tables - /BIC/

SAP BW – Loading data to SAP BW InfoProviders (MD & TD)

SAP BW – BW Jobs Execution


Data Services – SAP Advanced Concepts


SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts – Introduction & Overview and differences between 3.x and 4.x


SAP BusinessObjects Extractors Extraction – Introduction of ODP, SAP DataSources Extraction, SAP Delta Mechanism and DOP Queue


SAP Data Migration with BODS – Data Migration Techniques, BODS Data Migration to SAP, Data Migration Tool Introduction and Overview






Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details



SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.1  Contact - 8885304545

Modeling in BO 4.0

Information design tool                                  

Working with local projects

Working with repository

Defining OLAP Connection

Defining relational connection

Defining data connection

Defining data foundation

Defining business layer

Converting .UNV universes to .UNX universes

Universe Design Tool

Designing universe on top of SAP system

Designing universe on top of NON SAP system

Reporting in BO 4.0

Reporting using Web Intelligence tool

Designing report on top of SAP BEx connections

Designing on top of universes

Designing report on top of blank document

Designing report on top of analysis view

Reporting features 

Reporting using Web Rich Client tool

Designing Report on top of SAP BEx connections

Designing Report on top of Universes

Designing Report on top of blank document

Designing Report on top of analysis view

Reporting Features

Analysis Tools

OLAP Analysis Tool

Administration in BO 4.0



BI Launch Pad

Life Cycle Manager

Upgrade Management Tool

Crystal Enterprise 4.0

Web based crystal report designer

Windows based crystal report designer

Designing & Formatting

Designing crystal reports using SAP BEx

Designing crystal reports using BO universe  

Designing crystal reports using analysis view

Data explorer and its importance

Crystal report sections

Defining & editing queries

Working with interactive filters

Defining formula

Defining parameters

Defining running totals

Working with predefined filters

Working with sections

Working with summary functions

Working with sub reports

Working with cross tab

Working with charts

Working with conditional formatting

Working with alerts

Administration in Crystal Report

Saving and publishing crystal report

Registering crystal report

Scheduling and distributing crystal report

Dashboards 4.0

Dashboard life cycle

Interface overview

Data sources overview

Working with Live Office

Working with Qaaws

Working with SAP BEx queries

Dashboard Scenarios

Dashboard design on top of Excel source

Dashboard design on top of Live Office file

Dashboard design on top of Qaaws connection

Drill down dashboard

Dynamic visibility dashboard

What if analysis dashboard

Accessing Bo report from dashboard

Accessing crystal report from dashboard

Saving dashboard

Publishing dashboard to local system & BO servers

Generating swf file

Accessing dashboard file from BO server

Additional Concepts

SQL – Basis & SQL Functions

Types of SQL (DDL, DML, TCL, DCL)

 Joins & different types of joins

Constraints & Stored Procedures

One End-to end project explanation after finishing the course

Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details



SAP BW 7.4 – Contact: 8885304545

  • Introduction
  • About SAP.
  • About  BI.
  • Architecture of SAP BI.
  • Modeling
  • Data warehousing Workbench
  • Creation of Infoproviders
  • Transformations , Transformation rules.
  • Types of DTP’s.
  • Different routines (Start, End ….).
  • Rule Groups.
  • PSA.
  • Infopackage
  • Reportiong
  • About Business Explorer(BEX)
  • BEX Designer
  • BEX Analyzer
  • Report Designer
  • Web Application Designer(WAD)
  • WAD Analyzer
  • Information Broad casting
  • Visual Composer.
  • Extraction
  • §  Extraction from FLAT FILES

  • Extraction from SAP R/3
  • GENERIC Extraction
  • ·        Logistics Extraction

  • CO-PA Extraction.
  • FI Extraction
  • Enhancements in Extraction
  • Advanced Topics in Bi
  • Types of DSO’s

  • Multiprovider,Infoset
  • Remodeling,
  • Repartationing
  • Real time Data Acquisition(RDA)
  • Analysis Process Design(APD)
  • Open Hub destination
  • Integrated Planning(IP)
  • ·        Manual Planning

  • Planning Functions
  • BI Content Installation
  • BI Accelerator
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 / 7.4
    Offline Training @ TL Technologies


    SAP Portal Fundamentals

    SAP Web AS Fundamental

    SAP Net Weaver Portal System Administration


    Installation EP 7.3 EHP1 &7.4 5


    Config – Tool

    NWA Administration

    JSPM Detail description

    Telnet tool and SUM tool

    UME Configuration

    Single Sign on (EP 7.1 & EP 7.3 EHP1)

    ADS Configuration (HTTP &HTTPS)

    SSL Configuration (Java + ABAP) and BOBJ Systems

    Security Administration

    Branding Image logo

    ESS/MSS Configuration and Troubleshooting

    JCO RFC 

    SLD Configuration

    SLD Bridge Configuration 

    Email Configuration

    CTS+ Configuration on Portal system

    PI 7.3 EHP1

    Installation PI 7.3 and 7.4


    Adapters Configuration

    Technical system configuration

    CTS+ Configuration on PI system

    Backend system configuration

    Security Administration

    ESR Content apply process


    1) Installation BI7.3
    2) Upgrade 7.0 to 7.3 processes
    3) Post-steps
    4) SSL enable
    5) Source system connectivity                                                          

    6) BEx Configuration                                                                          

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Offline Training @ TL Technologies


    Introduction to Solution Manager Versions
    Installation of solution Manager Windows and UNIX Plat forms
    Post –steps 
    CIM and CR content upgrade
    How to generate Installation and Migration Keys
    Technical System Configuration and Setting of landscape Configuration
    ALERT  Configuration ABAP and Java Systems & HANA
    EWA Configuration on ABAP and Java System & HANA
    EWA Configuration on BOBJ Systems
    MOPZ Configuration
    Wily Introscope Installation 9.0
    RCA Analysis Configuration & System Monitoring
    How to download the Support Packs in Solman Systems 
    Stack upgrade through SUM tool
    Generate the XML file through MOPZ
    PI System and BI system monitoring
    Managed system configuration
    Central SLD overview


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details



    SAP BASIS – Contact: 8885304545

    Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis:

  • What is Basis?
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Client / Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
  • Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services
  • Introduction to OS Concepts
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : The CPU
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : Storage
  • Available SAP R/3 Platforms – Windows and linux
  • Architecture of SAP R/3 Application Server

  • SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture
  • Dialog Server
  • Update Server
  • SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview
  • Managing SAP R/3 Work Processes
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Client

  • Introduction to Client
  • Creating Client
  • Client Copy ( Local, Remote, Export and Import )
  • Dropping a Client
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – User Managements

  • Creating User
  • Authorizations
  • Profiles and Activity Groups
  • Locking and Unlocking a User
  • Introduction to profile Generator
  • Profile Management ( Single and Composite )
  • Limiting Logon Attempts
  • Setting Password Controls
  • Maintaining User defaults & Options
  • SAP R/3 Administrator Tasks – Background Jobs

  • Jobs Definition
  • Start Date
  • Job Steps
  • Job Monitoring
  • Deleting a Job

  • Default profile
  • Startup profile
  • Instance profile
  • Spooling
  • Front end computer spooling
  • Access method
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – CCMS

  • OS Monitoring
  • DB Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Memory Management and Miscellaneous

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Virtual Memory
  • SAP R/3 Buffers
  • SAP R/3 Memory Management System
  • Remote Function Call ( RFC )
  • Dump Analysis
  • Sys Log
  • Types of R/3 Systems and System Landscape

  • Development (DEV). Testing (QTST). Production ( PROD )
  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • There System Landscape
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Change and Transport System

  • Customizing
  • ABAP/4 Workbench
  • Change Request
  • Recording Changes
  • Transportation
  • Transport Management System ( TMS )

  • TMS Domain
  • TMS Domain Controller
  • Transport Groups
  • Transport Layer
  • Transport Route
  • Transport Directory
  • Virtual Systems
  • SAP R/3 Repository
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Patch Administration

  • Overview of Support Packages
  • Introduction to Applying SAP Patches
  • Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – SAP-DBA

  • Oracle Server Architecture Overview
  • Oracle Server Startup/Shutdown
  • Table space Administration
  • SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database
  • SAP R/3 Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database
  • Startup and Shutdown of database
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Database Analysis

  • Size
  • Free Space
  • Growth History
  • Statistics
  • SAP R/3 Installation

  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows  – Preparation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows  – Installation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows  – Post Installation
  • Sap license applying
  • Installing Database Server and Application Server
  • Installing Presentation Server ( SAP GUI ) & Accessing SAP R/3 from PC
  • Starting and Stopping R/3 System
  • SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Installing an application server

  • Installing an application server
  • Changing Parameters
  • Review of T – Codes SAP R/3 Administrative Task Wide


     Implementation phase

              Basis consultant roles in implantation

    System copy overview

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details



    SAP BPC 10.1 

    1. BPC Overview

    a. Overview and Roadmap
    b. Why SAP BPC
    c. SAP BPC Functionalities

    2. BPC Architecture

    a. Architecture Overview
    b. Comparision of SAP BPC Varisous Versions 7.5 NW and 10.0 NW
    c. Components of SAP BPC
    d. How does SAP BPC Objects interact with SAP BI/ABAP/EPM Add-in
    e. Environmentshell

    3.SAP BPC Administration

    a. Admin Client
    i. Environment Management
    ii. Application management
    iii. Dimension management
    iv. Dimension Members
    v. Dimension properties

    b.Excel Clients & Web Clients                     

    i. Reports and Input schedule Management
    ii. Creating EPM and Local Connections
    iii. Other EPM activities
    iv. Managing Web Client

    4. SAP BPC Modelling

    a. Modelling Aspects of EPM

    i. Environment & Applications
    ii. Dimensions & Properties

    5. SAP EPM-BW Integration

    a. Difference between BPC and BI models
    b. BPC Bi Objects
    c. Data Validation
    d. Retraction & APD
    e. Open hub Destination

    6. Data Manager Packages and Process Chains

    a. Data Manager Packages
    b. Data Manager Package Links
    c. Managing Data Loads
    d. Transformation and Conversion Files
    e. Running and Scheduling of Packages

    7.Transports management and EPM File Structure

    a. Transport Management
    b. UJFS

    8. EPM Add-in & reporting

    a. Excel for BPC(Basic Excel Functions, Validation, Formatting, VB- Macros)
    b. EPM Report layout
    c. EPM Functions
    d. EPM Report Options

    9. Script Logic and BADI

    a. Purpose of Script Logic
    b. Various Usage and Functions of Script Logic
    c. Working With Script Logic
    d. BADI Writing and Purposes

    10. Security

    a. User Management
    b. Team Managemen
    c. Task Profile management
    d. Data Access Profiles
    e. EPM and BI Security and Authorisations

    11.       BPF, Work Status, UJ_Validation, Managing Comments

    12.       Consolidation Framework

    13.       Consolidation Monitor & Controls

    14.       Journals

    15.       Ownership Manager

    16.       Business Rules, Methods and Consolidation


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    TABLEAU Offline Training @ TL Technologies


    Don't Miss Tableau boom. Learn Tableau in depth to

    become Tableau expert. Contact for Demo:

    Mail: |

    Moblie: +91-8885304545


    I) Tableau Introduction


    vWhy Tableau Software

    vTableau Architecture & Components

    vTableau Desktop/Tableau Server/Tableau Online

    vTableau Interface

    vBasic Tableau Dashboard Lifecycle


    II)  Tableau Connections-Landscape


    vFree-Hand SQL Queries based connection

    vMS-Access Connection

    vMS-SQL Server Connection


    vSAP HANA Connection

    vSAP BW connection

    vCloud Connection

    vMS-Excel connection

    vCSV-File connection

    vMulti Data connections

    vOther available connection

    III) Dashboard Design& Formatting  Concepts


    vBuilding Views & Dashboards


    vDashboard Filters

    vDashboard Parameters

    vDashboard Actions

    vDashboard Sets

    vData Grouping

    vImplementing Hierarchies

    vWorking with Calculations

    vWorking with Images/Charts/Cross Tab

    vOther Formatting Options

     IV) Dashboard Distribution & Security


    vTableau Extract

    vExport Formats Supported

    vPublishing Dashboard to Tableau Server

    vPublishing Dashboard to Tableau Reader

    vTableau Cloud/online 

    V) Tableau Server& Administration


    vInstallation & Licensing

    vUser/Group Creation

    vGrating Privileges & Revoking Privileges

    vRow level & User level Security


    VI) Tableau Live Project & Real time Dashboard Scenarios


    vRequirements Gathering & Analysis

    vFunctional Specs & Technical Specs

    vReal-time Project Dashboard design scenarios


      - Generic tableau dashboard

      - Drill Down Dashboard

      - What-if-Analysis Dashboard

      - Alerts/Exceptions  Based Dashboard

      - Linked Dashboards

    VII)  TL Technologies Additional Support


    vMaterial Hard Coy & Soft Copy

    vInterview Questions

    vResume Building Tips






    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Contact for Online Demo@ TL TECHNOLOGIES

     M: +91-8885304545


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Contact for Online Demo@ TL TECHNOLOGIES

     M: +91-8885304545

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No


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