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To change IT0003 (Payroll Status)?

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To change IT0003 (Payroll Status)?

I am currently running Jan 2003 payroll but because Dec 2001 records are accidentally 'touched' eg. IT0015, the system will do a retro starting from Dec 2001 till Jan 2003.

When some historical records are 'touched', IT0003, field 'Earliest MD change' will be changed to 01.12.2001.
I will like to prevent the system from doing a retro up to Dec 2001. In another word, I would like the system to run payroll for Jan 2003 only.

Is it possible to stop the retro?

In order to stop the retro, you can change the earliest retro.acc. date in the control record of
your payroll area or change the earliest recalc. date in IT0003 to Jan 2003.

Yes it is possible. Go to PA30 > enter the pernr of the employee whose retro you want to stop and go to > Utilities > Change Payroll Status

Here you will get IT 0003 in a change mode. Now erase (make it blank) what ever the date is in Earliest MD change field. That's it.

You have two options first is to clear the "Earliest MD change" and "Earliest MD Bonus" for all the affected employees that you don't want to have a retro second is the change the Earliest RA date for all the employee of the affected payroll area.

For mass changes of IT0003 you can use report RPUCRR00 (see Report Description) or modify it to fit you requirements (as we did). I hope it helps.

You could also try looking at report RPUTRBK0.
You can use this to change all date fields on IT0003. Both Time and Payroll fields.


  • 18 Feb 2013 11:45 am
    thank you so much.. I have been struggling with IT0003 status since long

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