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Top 5 SAP Emerging Roles for Upcoming Years

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Top 5 SAP Emerging Roles for Upcoming Years

With new platforms, products and services, solutions and trends that the company regularly launches, SAP has considerably changed and is changing with every passing day. And as Bill McDermott aptly summarizes this scenario, SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) will soon emerge as a completely cloud based company that is powered by HANA and is presented to the customers with extravagant Fiori screens.

Considering the growth opportunities that SAP promises, here is a list of 5 most rewarding roles that are expected to be on the rise in the next 5 years: 


It had been speculated that BASIS will cease to exist in the future due to the emergence of cloud platforms

This has however been negated as no matter how popular the cloud platforms become, professionals with knowledge in SAP BASIS along with HANA experience will be inevitably required for continuity of systems. 

Added to this, led by the BASIS guys, it is expected that over 283000 customers will opt for a shift to HANA.

2 HANA Cloud Integration Specialist
3 Data Provisioning Specialist
4 Mobile Application Designer / Developer.
5 Business Process Architect accountable for Delivery

2. HANA Cloud Integration Specialist

To explain SAP HANA better it can be stated that it is a platform that helps in integration of business processes and data across on-premise and cloud applications. The definition has been explicitly explained in the SAP HANA Cloud Integration – SAP Help Portal Page. 

Seamless integration between systems and platforms will further require trained professionals who can help with the integration with cloud based platforms.

3. Data Provisioning Specialist 

For businesses to prosper, real time analytics and sound predictions will become the prerequisite and Iot, Bigdata, Real Time Analitics and such other applications will guide business processes so that data can be effectively captured, transformed into workable numbers and uploaded on time.

Incorrect data can have disastrous results or a business, therefore it is important to source the right information. Therefore, professionals with experience in SLT, DXC, BODS will also be most sought after.

4. Mobile Application Designer / Developer.

In the coming 5 years, all the business processes will be guided by technology that is faster and mobile.

This change will call for a lot of efforts around mobile development making mobile application designers/developers the most wanted professionals of the time. OData, Jquery, Cordova, Eclipse, SAPUI5, SMP...Fiori will be the preferred platforms.

5. Business Process Architect accountable for Delivery

Though this may sound similar to the role of a Solution Architect, there is certainly more to it. The eligibility criteria for this role will require a combination of extensive knowledge of various SAP landscapes as well as an enviable industry experience.

These professionals will be primarily responsible for reviewing business processes and suggesting ways and means of improvement with the help of the latest tools from SAP.

Professionals who are responsible for leading the transformation of disciplines like Simple Logistics or Finance.

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