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TR (Treasury) Interview Questions


Q-1) What are the various SAP solution grouped under SAP Treasury?

Following SAP solution are included in SAP Treasury

  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management
  • SAP In-House Cash Management
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management
  • SAP Bank Communication Management

Q-2) What is the role of risk management system in SAP treasury?

There is a comprehensive risk management system present in SAP Treasury which analyzes and measure the amount of risks and classify according to requirements of the organization.

Q-3) What are the various components of SAP Treasury?

Various components of SAP Treasury are:

  • Business partner
  • Basic functions
  • Credit Risk analyzer
  • Market risk analyzer
  • Transaction manger
  • Portfolio Analyzer (FIN-FSCM-TRM-PA)

Q-4) What is the role of SAP Treasury Consultant?

  • SAP Treasury Consultant needs to identifiy the treasury strategy customers and their functional requirements
  • Translate the functional requirements of the customer into (new) SAP processes
  • SAP Treasury Consultant also needs to implement the functionality and configure the system
  • Provide guidance and training to the key users.

Q-5) Can you please explain why authorization check in Treasury is missing for authenticated user?

SAP Treasury does not have the authorization to check an authenticated user's authorization to access some of their functions as this may cause some undesired system behavior.