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PO (Purchase Order) Transaction Code

15 Mar 2011 7:35 am || 0


  • MEMASSPO Mass maintenance of POs
  • MEMASSRQ Mass maintenance of PRs
  • MEMASSSA Mass Maintenance of Scheduling Agreements
  • MEMASSIN Mass Maintenance of info records
  • MEMASSCONTRACT Mass Maintenance of Contracts
  • XK99 Mass Maintenance of vendors

LISTS T-codes

  • ME2L POs by Vendor
  • ME2M POs by material
  • ME2K POs by account assignment
  • ME2C POs by material group
  • ME2B POs by Requirement tracking number
  • ME2N POs by PO number
  • ME2W POs by supplying plant
  • MELB Purchasing documents per purchasing tracking number
  • ME2S Planned / Actual comparison for POs with external services


  • ME80FN General list of POs
  • ME81N Analysis of PO value
  • ME2A Monitor vendor confirmations (Order acks, inbound deliveries)
  • ME92F Monitor Order acknowledgements for PRs
  • MCE3 PIS - Vendor
  • MCE5 PIS - Material group
  • MCE7 PIS - Material
  • ME6H PIS - Vendor Evaluation (On time delivery, Shipping instructions, qty reliability, shipping notification ...)
  • MCW3 Vendor Invoice by Purch Org
  • MCW1 Vendor Payment by org data
  • MCEA Long term planning - Vendor
  • ME1L Info records by vendor
  • ME1M Info records by material
  • MKVZ List of vendors (purchasing)
  • ME65 Vendor evaluation by ranking
  • ME2V Goods receipt forecast (Expected GR for a plant on a particular day)


  • ME21N Create PO
  • VL31N Create inbound delivery
  • ME51N Create purchase requisition
  • ME31K Create Contract
  • ME35K Release from contract
  • VL75 Output for inbound deliveries
  • MIGO Goods receipt
  • MIRO Logistics Invoice Verification
  • ME87 PO history records
  • EXPD Progress tracking for Purchase Orders
  • ME9F Output for POs
  • ME91F Output for PO reminders
  • ME56 Assign PR
  • ME57 Assign PR and process
  • ME58 Create PO from assignment
  • ME59N Create PO automatically from PRs
  • MECCM Send purchasing data from contract to catalog
  • ME3P Set prices (background) on contract
  • ME9K Output for Contracts
  • ME92K Monitor order acknowledgements
  • ME31L Create Scheduling agreement
  • ME38 Maintain delivery schedule for Scheduling Agreement
  • ME9EOutput of Scheduling Agreements
  • ME84 Create scheduling agreement release
  • ME41 Create RFQ
  • ME45 Release RFQ
  • ME47 Create quotation
  • ME47 Price comparison



  • ME11 Create info record
  • ME14 Display changes to Info Records
  • ME15 Flag info record for deletion
  • ME01 Create source list
  • ME04 Source list changes
  • MEQ1 Create quota arrangement
  • MEQ4 Quota arrangement changes
  • MP01 Maintain approved manufacturer parts
  • XK01 Create vendor (Central)
  • XK07 Account group change
  • MK01 Create vendor (purchasing)
  • MK04 Vendor account changes (purchasing)
  • MK05 Block vendor (purchasing)
  • MK06 Flag vendor for deletion
  • MPE1 Create buyer
  • MKH1 Vendor hierarchy
  • ME61 Create vendor evaluation
  • MEK1 Create condition records
  • MEKA Condition record overview


  • MN01 Quote
  • MN04 PO
  • MN07 Outline agreement
  • MN10 Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
  • MN24 Inbound delivery