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PO (Purchase Order) Transaction Code

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MEMASSPO Mass maintenance of POs
MEMASSRQ Mass maintenance of PRs
MEMASSSA Mass Maintenance of Scheduling Agreements
MEMASSIN Mass Maintenance of info records
MEMASSCONTRACT Mass Maintenance of Contracts
XK99 Mass Maintenance of vendors

LISTS T-codes

ME2L POs by Vendor
ME2M POs by material
ME2K POs by account assignment
ME2C POs by material group
ME2B POs by Requirement tracking number
ME2N POs by PO number
ME2W POs by supplying plant
MELB Purchasing documents per purchasing tracking number
ME2S Planned / Actual comparison for POs with external services


ME80FN General list of POs
ME81N Analysis of PO values
ME2A Monitor vendor confirmations (Order acks, inbound deliveries)
ME92F Monitor Order acknowledgements for PRs
MCE3 PIS - Vendor
MCE5 PIS - Material group
MCE7 PIS - Material
ME6H PIS - Vendor Evaluation (On time delivery, Shipping instructions, qty reliability, shipping notification ...)
MCW3 Vendor Invoice by Purch Org
MCW1 Vendor Payment by org data
MCEA Long term planning - Vendor
ME1L Info records by vendor
ME1M Info records by material
MKVZ List of vendors (purchasing)
ME65 Vendor evaluation by ranking
ME2V Goods receipt forecast (Expected GR for a plant on a particular day)


ME21N Create PO
VL31N Create inbound delivery
ME51N Create purchase requisition
ME31K Create Contract
ME35K Release from contract
VL75 Output for inbound deliveries
MIGO Goods receipt
MIRO Logistics Invoice Verification
ME87 PO history records
EXPD Progress tracking for Purchase Orders
ME9F Output for POs
ME91F Output for PO reminders
ME56 Assign PR
ME57 Assign PR and process
ME58 Create PO from assignment
ME59N Create PO automatically from PRs
MECCM Send purchasing data from contract to catalog
ME3P Set prices (background) on contract
ME9K Output for Contracts
ME92K Monitor order acknowledgements
ME31L Create Scheduling agreement
ME38 Maintain delivery schedule for Scheduling Agreement
ME9EOutput of Scheduling Agreements
ME84 Create scheduling agreement release
ME41 Create RFQ
ME45Release RFQ
ME47 Create quotation
ME47 Price comparison


ME11 Create info record
ME14 Display changes to Info Records
ME15 Flag info record for deletion
ME01 Create source list
ME04 Source list changes
MEQ1 Create quota arrangement
MEQ4 Quota arrangement changes
MP01 Maintain approved manufacturer parts
XK01 Create vendor (Central)
XK07 Account group change
MK01 Create vendor (purchasing)
MK04 Vendor account changes (purchasing)
MK05 Block vendor (purchasing)
MK06 Flag vendor for deletion
MPE1 Create buyer
MKH1 Vendor hierarchy
ME61 Create vendor evaluation
MEK1 Create condition records
MEKA Condition record overview


MN01 Quote
MN07 Outline agreement
MN10 Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
MN24 Inbound delivery