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Transfer Order with Differences and Interim Storage Interview Questions and Answers

16 May 2017 11:04 am || 0

Transfer Order (TO) with Differences and Interim Storage FAQs

Q) Where does the stock move after it is confirmed that the transfer order with difference?

Ans) If it is confirmed that that the transfer order with a difference then the difference quantity is automatically posted to an interim storage type for differences or it can also move back to the source bin depending upon the system customization.

Q) What you mean by difference quantity?

Ans) In a case where a planned quantity is different from the actual quantity of the moved stock then a different quantity exists. The transfer order is then said to be confirmed with difference.

Q) How can we clear the differences from the interim storage type and send them back to source bin?

Ans) Please use LT01 and movement type ‘999’ in order to send the stock back into the source bin.

Q) What are the customization needed for the stock in order to move back to source bin after confirming with difference?

Ans) Follow the below path and check the 'Srce Bin' Indicator for the Warehouse and difference ID:

SPRO -> Logistcs Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Activities -> Confirmation -> Difference Indicators.

Q) After confirming the Transfer Order with differences how can we confirm the remaining quantity in the same transfer Order?

Ans) You cannot edit the transfer order again if you already confirmed transfer Order differences,

Therefore, in this case, we can do the following:

  • First by using LT0G move the stock back to source and then create a new Transfer Order and confirm the entire quantity.
  • Or we can also create a new transfer order for the difference quantity and then confirm it.

Q) How can the entire quantity be reversed when the TO is confirmed with partial quantity and differences are posted into the interim storage bin?

Ans) The remaining quantities can be confirmed and moved back via LT0G, if it is non-SU managed but if SU management is active, please move the stock back via LT09.

Q) How can we write off the differences in the interim storage?

Ans) The differences can be written off or cleared by using the physical inventory process.

Q) Name some standard interim storage types?

Ans) All the standard interim storage types starts with 9 such as (923)

Q) How can we move the stock back to the source bin if the Transfer Order has been confirmed with zero quantity?

For example, Transfer Order quantity - 13rence Quantity - 13, Confirmed Quantity - 0

Ans) In this case, the user have to use LT01 and movement type ‘999’ and also manually move the stock back.